Penrock13 wrote:

PenguinMan15 wrote:

Phineas99cp wrote: Most of the ideas in here sound good (like adding the Sports Shop to the Mall). However, no matter what, it's most likely that CP won't do anything.

Sigh Yeah, I guess so.

The horrible CP team care nothing about the members and only about the money. Everyone should vote to get rid of them, that's right, we should all vote to get rid of the terrible team and get good mods. Maybe Rsnail could come back. All i'm saying is, get rid of the current team.

Haha, no.

As bad as they may be, they work hard to satisfy you. Yes, it is all about the money for some of them, but that doesn't mean they're completely careless and greedy either.

It also takes time to get new staff members. You think once we somehow get rid of the "terrible" team, that their empty spots will be filled instantly?

Rsnail works on a different game company right now: Hyper Hippo. Club Penguin is entirely a company itself now, with its content published and promoted by Disney. I don't think Rsnail would quit Hyper Hippo just to work on a simple, virtual world.

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