RoyTheDancingRooster wrote:

Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 wrote:

RoyTheDancingRooster wrote: If you all hate the game why are you still here?

because we're connected by three things

  1. our enjoyment of the game in the old days
  2. our hate of what club penguin has become
  3. memes

I mean you people change your mind every party anyways and there have been fantastic parties like the Holiday Party, the 10th Anniversary and the Music Jam from last year, so it's just natural for you to do this. Not all parties will be fantastic.

When has anyone ever changed their minds about any parties? The only time this really happened was in the Music Jam, but that was because there was a game-breaking bug that prevented people from enjoying the party.

It's true that not all parties will be fantastic, but that doesn't mean it's okay to have all parties be garbage clickquests.

ThePuffleKing wrote: And people go on CP for fun.Like children and thats what the game is made for. CHILDREN TO HAVE FUN ON IT. You don't have to ramble on about how you want the old CP back i did it it got me nowhere at all and it never will. So leave the kids to do what they please and try a CPPS like thats a good one.

Yes, it's made for children, but that doesn't excuse the laziness that's been happening recently. I don't think I'll offend anyone when I say that bright colorful characters is more than enough to catch the attention of children, whether it has substance or not. And they like to roleplay, which is understandable since that was the main enjoyment of CP when parties weren't going on. But when they were going on, they provided something new to enjoy, instead of "oh hey stupidly slapped-together introductory line, now go click stuff to collect it" every single week with the occasional "we'll recycle an entire party". The revelation that CPI is horrendously limited without membership just solidifies that at this point the only thing CP cares about is bringing in the money.

I've been striding around this place again for what, 6 months? And I've seen quite a few "it's for kids and therefore you can't criticize it" arguments. The problem is that CP is now exploiting children and the fact that they're easily satisfied by putting almost no effort into it at all.

Bottom line: The "it's for kids" argument doesn't work. If you go by that then shouldn't Foodfight and Cool Cat Saves the Kids be protected from hate?

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