April: Spring-related Party and Funny Hat Week 2015

May: The Fair 2015

June: Time Trekker Party (This time, a paradox has shown up, and it's affecting past, present, and future)

July: Gravity Falls Party

August: Operation: Whiteout (Herbert attempts to blind out the penguins on Club Penguin Island, instead of using all of the sun's power to black out the island)

September: Elite Penguin Force Seasonal Meeting (event, every spring, summer, etc) / Operation: Anchovies (minor operation) / Return of the Time Trekker (more paradoxes!)

October: A GOOD HALLOWEEN PARTY, Pizza Party (event), World Food Day

November: Like OP, Card Jitsu Party and a Operation: Ninja, and an unnamed event

December: EPF Seasonal Meeting / Holiday Party 2015: The Christmas/Holiday Trekker (the paradox trekker had it's own GLaDOS-like AI installed into it, and he dresses up as Santa for the Christmas season)

January 2016: ????, ????, January FoOlS paRtY (CP's apology for stopping April Fools due to low popularity)!

(P.S. The time trekker is now a mascot who visits regularly during parties)

I feel like there should be at least one party, and two events- one before the party, and one after so we don't get too bored of the same Club penguin experience between parties.

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