you literally aren't learning anything from what we're saying.

Let's break down what you said to us:

IcyCocoaCream wrote: Seriously if you're going to nit-pick with every single thing they do, why are you still here?

Seriously if you're going to nit-pick everything we do, why are you still here? By your logic this is exactly what we could be saying.

Please stop trying to find flaws in every SINGLE thing they do, they're doing the best and you are not able to deny that.

Yes we are able to deny it, because they're spending all that time on their mobile game when they could be working on something actually worthwhile.

I'm seriously infuriated your utmost rude and disrespectful behaviour to Club Penguin, after all they're doing for us!

What are they doing for us other than giving us material to laugh at

Also if you're getting personally insulted about a game you like being hated, what does that say about you?

Please, just please, stop. I-I just can't respect you anymore.

>implying you ever respected us in the first place.

I'm sorry but they do these things for us, decorate never-before, and you're just like "OOOH! It's just old decoration they put! Lazy CP!"


>"I'm sorry, but they do these things for us, decorating stuff like never before, and you're saying "OOOH! It's just the old decorations! Lazy CP!""


Seriously, people like that!

And we never said they couldn't...? If anything, you've been saying that we can't dislike it.

I-I'm so angry with you I can't explain it in words, please, just stop.

What does putting two I's in your "I'm" add to your argument?

Again, being angry about other people disliking a game you like.

Don't think of this as an opinion-bashing insult,

But it is an opinion-bashing insult.

think of this as a warning and an explanation.

You haven't explained anything, you just yelled at us with the exact same stuff you've been saying for the past few months.

Also, "warning"? What happens if we keep disliking it? Are you going to call the admins? Because I'm pretty sure they'd side with us.

Good day.

literally what is this supposed to add to your comment? It's like a while back when you said "wrongeth" for no reason.

I know this by experience, but getting personally insulted by other people disliking something you like isn't very good for you. Because if you try to force your opinion on others, they'll just go the opposite direction even farther. No matter what you do, trying to change other people's opinions is wrong and almost always fails, and you usually end up looking like a whiny immature child. It's okay to like what you like. If you like what others don't, then more power to you. But this is honestly just sad.

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