IcyCocoaCream wrote: I give up, you'll never be a good person again. You clearly don't want to be nice to CP.Just quit CP, do all of us a favour, leave, nobody needs you anymore. I'm sorry if this is rude, but I hate you now. You're forcing me to hate me, so I must. I hate you, and I wish you to be banned from CP. Enjoy a terrible day and lose your CP account, please. You are such a pain!

Did you even read my comment? How am I a terrible person because I'm "not nice to CP"? And I'm not particularly doing anyone any favors by leaving due to my memes being slightly well-received.

Is "lose your CP account" supposed to be an insult? How is losing my account to a dead game that you yourself have said that is going to be removed supposed to hurt me in any way?

The fact that you're resorting to petty insults doesn't really help your argument.

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