I joined CP when there were a huge number of secrets to be discovered. I enjoyed attending meet-ups and I used to play CP with cousins as well. Goodbye CP.....It's not gone forever though. Club Penguin island is the next will probably have the same staff members and most of our fellow friends will surely come to CPI. Some good memories:

  • Meeting mascots for the first time.
  • Going on chat groups in which penguins track down mascots together. That was actually fun.
  • Creating my own CP discussions-related website.
  • Those times when I used to figure out how to find items and other stuff during a party without a cheats site. Believe me, at that time (2010-2011) it was actually difficult to find items, pins and other stuff in a party.

Some failures:

  • Getting banned (due to a glitch of course)
  • Missing out the 3rd frozen party (just kidding)


  • I would visit all rooms on CP and give them all a sad good-bye.
  • Play all (or most of) the mini-games on CP.
  • Try collecting more stamps.
  • Try submitting some artwork for CP (I'm not such a good artist).

Some mysteries yet to be solved:

  • Buoys. It is said that they are used to mark a path. Which path? But hey, buoys are also found on CPI.
  • What is Herbert upto after such a long time?
  • Rockhopper Island: is it real?

Here we the next chapter of the Club Penguin Universe.

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