Leancarp900 wrote:

Superalvi100 wrote:

Leancarp900 wrote:

Superalvi100 wrote: it is recreating the 2008-2010 CP, right now they are having the 2010 puffle party

I don't like CPPS that are just a copy-paste of Club Penguin during 2010. They are very easy to make.

then just don't play them, you're not forced to

I know, it's just that CPPS like SuperCPPS or Pengur are ignored while is extremely popular. is very popular. However, there are no parties which makes it boring. Pengur is great. I still remember the Puffle Party 2016 which was not at all comparable to 2016 CP parties (that's not CP's fault; they were working on CPI). Although I don't play Pengur nowadays, I do believe that Pengur is still a great and an active CPPS.

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