Hello, I have been absent from here for awhile but I'd like to bring up something. I have seen as the year has progressed, many rare members of CP have been gone. As rarity clings to the slums of Sleet, I see it has died off drastically. While there is a giant rage for it, very few know what rare really is. I'd like to say it is anyone from before the "new CP". As this madness for rare has appeared, with it has brought a mass extinction of rare entities. As you know many have rare penguins have quit, got hacked, or have been banned from CP. With a dying age of new style on cp, one which honestly petrifies me, has made many old members turn away from Club Penguin. Members have also been tricked into giving away their penguin accounts on CP, at large in the infamous Sleet. With also the years passing by, the possibility of being banned is at large, and many have for multiple reasons.

If you have seen who the members are that make up rarity today, you will see they are merely an echo of the dying breed. The docks have changed on Sleet, lifeless, stilled in motion, empty, and merely a shell of it's former self. Is there no hope, for all I and the old members have are lost memories, and we are losing member after member. To my brothers of rarity (as dumb as it seems) we must find a way to rejuvenate the members, or we will be a speck, a lost fragment of Club Penguin. But I ask the other members of Club Penguin, do we, the last of the oldest of rare deserve to stay at large. I speak for myself when I say that rare are greedy, we love our items and do not want to share it with the others of the populace, some mock new members, start needless protests, and hunger for a change that will never happen. To me, we are important as history, but for the members that are left, how many are genuine?

A large percentage of the old have been copied, cheated by programs which give away the likes of the beta hat, the lei, and other of our importance. Some are just bodies traded on chats by scammers, scum, and greed. With raffles for old accounts, they are just willing to be banned. The betas are turning off the lights on their penguins. As the lei's get passed around, time consumes the old members penguins as they move on. The background of the greedy players win at tricking fools of their accounts, and finally the leftover is a mess. Scattered among servers, with only few good left. They have devoted their time to nothing of gain, the protests, the use of trying to reform, all of it will not help, as many do not see from our scope. The only few true left remain in a desolate fall, treated as the second class of Club Penguin we have been. The amount to nothing, the brink of our destruction, and everything with it will soon come to an end. If we do not try, we will never succeed. But being arrogant to every new idea is not the way to approach this, we must find our light, our path to bring us out of the darkness.

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