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Booster Decks were packs of Card-Jitsu cards, available to players in order to play the different types of Card-Jitsu games. Each deck contained 9 regular cards and 1 card, for a total of 27 regular cards and 3 power cards. In addition, each one of them included an icon in the Inventory that opened the Ninja Progress once clicked.



  • Originally, the Starter Deck and the Fire and Water booster decks were given by first talking to Sensei in Card-Jitsu or its elemental counterparts. Since Card-Jitsu Snow was introduced, they have been given automatically by first going to the Dojo or to the Dojo Courtyard.
    • If you used the games or catalogs features on the map to go straight to the Dojo, or used the EPF Phone to teleport there, you could alternatively talk to Sensei to obtain your Starter Decks, like in the past.
  • The decks' inventory icon formerly showed a certification rather than opening the ninja progress.
  • There were 6 possible power cards you could get from the starter decks, however, you could only have 3.


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