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Box Dragon
Box Dragon Puffle Launch Full.png

Full Name Box Dragon
Species Dragon
Position Boss of Puffle Launch
Appeared April Fools' Party 2009
Puffle Launch
Color Brown
Clothes Items N/A
Related To N/A
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Box Dragon was one of Club Penguin's April Fools' Party 2009 pranks. It was located in the Forest. It appeared harmless and very sleepy. If its head was moused over, it blinked and blew smoke from its nostrils, and if its tail was moused over, it wagged. It also appears in some of the Box Dimension levels of Puffle Launch.


It has a dragon-like appearance made out of boxes. The major body parts are light brown and the details are a darker brown. It is made up of 35 movable boxes.


  • The dragon appears in the last few levels of the Box Dimension in Puffle Launch. First, it appears in the background; then on the next level, it appears at the end of the level. On the very last level, Klepto falls onto it and uses mind control on the dragon. Under Klepto's control, the dragon shoots flaming boxes, which have to be jumped on to hit Klepto's dome. After being hit several times, Klepto will be blasted out, and the dragon will then return to normal.