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Box Store
April Fools' Party 2009 Box Store

Where Snow Forts
Opened April 1, 2009
Closed April 5, 2009
Mini-games None
Room ID 853
Tour Description
Here we have the Box Store, for all your box needs. Here you can buy your own boxes and box accessories... ...try throwing balloons at the paper to paint a picture.

The Box Store was a temporary party room during the April Fools' Party 2009 party that was located in the Snow Forts, to the right of the Ice Rink. It was the room to buy the boxes for your igloo.


It was opened on April 1, 2009 and closed on April 5, 2009. It was a member-only room and had a special catalog. During the April Fools' Party 2009 party, snowballs were replaced by paint balloons, and in the Box Store, if they were thrown onto a blank space in the front of the room, the paint splatters from the balloons painted a scene picture on it.


This room is just a shop and is made of boxes. If you go to the left, there is a box that resembles a check-out counter at a store, and when a penguin walks to it, the Box Store Catalog will appear, or the catalog could be accessed by clicking on the catalog icon on the lower right hand corner.

Box Store Catalog[]

This room had a Box catalog in which members could buy boxes as furniture items.

The items were:


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Loja de Caixas
French Bric-à-Boîte
Spanish N/A
German N/A
Russian N/A

Geographic location[]