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Silly Scavenger Hunt Icon

The box icon used for the Silly Scavenger Hunt.

Boxes are widely used all around the Club Penguin Island, in particular for storage purposes.


  • Boxes are occasionally used as storage for decorations or materials at construction sites before parties and as free item stands during parties.
  • A variety of rooms regularly contain boxes. The Box Dimension, the Lighthouse and the Lodge Attic are some of the rooms with the highest number of boxes.
  • Boxes have a main role in the Box Dimension levels in Puffle Launch, where they are used as decoration, gravity switches or as teleportation gates.
  • There are some box furniture items that can be used. An example of this is the Portal Box.

April Fools' Parties[]

Blue Propeller Cap box

A box of Blue Propeller Caps.

Boxes have a large role in April Fools' Parties. The first main use was during the April Fools' Party 2006, where boxes were used like matryoshka dolls for containing the Box Pin.

Their first significant usage, however, was at the April Fools' Party 2009, where boxes created by Gary were used to play April Fools' jokes on penguins. Some of these boxes would explode, freeze, or lead penguins into different rooms. There was a Box Store, where furniture boxes were sold.

During the April Fools' Party 2011 and April Fools' Party 2012, boxes at the Box Dimension were used to teleport to other dimensions. The 2011 party also included the Silly Scavenger Hunt, in which box parts were hidden in the different dimensions.


  • The Box Dimension, which can be entered using a Box Portal, is made entirely out of boxes.
  • When a party is coming up, you can see boxes used for construction, often containing decorations for the party.
  • The old furniture storage icon was a box icon.
  • The Box Costume, Box Hat and Box Shoes are clothing items available to players.


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