Brain Box
Invented by Herbert P. Bear
Located Unknown

The Brain Box was an invention made by Herbert P. Bear. It was most likely modified or adapted by Herbert from Gary the Gadget Guy's failed Puffle Transmogrifier invention. As the name suggests, the purpose of this invention was to mind control the wearer (in this case, puffles). Each Brain Box contained a microchip inside that resembled the color of the puffle wearing the device. The devices have only been seen used shortly prior to and during Operation: Puffle.

Collecting Brain Boxes was the main objective of Puffle Chase, a game released specially for the party. Completing all the Puffle Chase levels and obtaining every kind of microchip enabled players to access Herbert's Hoard Lair.


  • There is a head item called the Penguin Brain Box which can be worn by penguins.
  • The Rainbow and Gold puffle species didn't have versions of the Brain Box adapted to suit them, due to the difficulty of obtaining them, according to Club Penguin Times Issue #422.
  • According to Dot's investigation that was featured in Club Penguin Times Issue #423, Herbert didn't originally intend to have to use Brain Boxes on puffles. The reason why he did so was due to Klutzy stealing a coin operated device for his boiler, causing Herbert to use Brain Boxes on puffles so that they would surface the wilderness, dig up coins and deliver those coins to him.


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