Brown Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Brown

Available No
Attitude Super Smart, Inventive
Member only Yes (Non-Members can get them from the Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Beakers, Rocket, Plasma Ball, Helmet, Parachute, and Safety Goggles
Play action Plasma ball, Rocket prototype
Dance Goggles suddenly appear and puffle sways
Tongue color Sky Blue
Speed Unknown
Special features Afraid of balloons
Elite Puffle Items N/A
Favorite Games N/A
ID 759

Brown Puffles are a species of puffles in Club Penguin. They were discovered at the Wilderness Expedition 2011 in January 17, 2011, making them the one of the latest puffle species to be released. When discovered, they were found in the Brown Puffle Cave, which was full of machines like the Puffle O crane, giant puffle beds, a chalk board, many puffles of their own kind, and a computer. They also used protective goggles for everything to do with building, eating, and sleeping.

They also love to invent, and their play modes are all their inventions. Being on sale at the Pet Shop for the normal 800 coins. They seem to be the smartest of the Puffles, however this is unknown. According to the Puffle Handbook, they like freeze-dried ice-cream sandwiches.


Brown Puffles were discovered during the Wilderness Expedition 2011 in January 17, 2011. The members of its species first inhabited a cave deep in the Wilderness, only accessible through completion of a series of ordeals placed there either by nature or by the puffles themselves. Their distinctive inventive aptitude enabled the puffles to build incredible machines such as the elevator on the Cliff and the contraptions found in the Brown Puffle Cave, their secluded habitat. After facing every ordeal and crossing the Shore, you could choose a puffle to live with you, for free. After the Expedition, the Puffles were relocated to the island's pet shop and became permanently adoptable. On the following Puffle Party they were integrated into life in penguin society, being assigned to control the activities in the Dance Lounge until the end of the festivity.


Attitude: Intelligent, inventive, dexterous, handy, and constructive. Brown puffles are also very good at math, science, and engineering and they toying with machines, using tools, mixing chemicals, and reimagining. They are "naive, mad-scientists," and are constantly making zany and intricate contraptions and do-dads. They love to tinker with gadgets, gizmos, and trinkets and are always making something new. They are a brainy bunch that are usually behind involuntary accidents and laboratory oopsies. This is primarily because they are amateurs and are easily distracted. However, they have been blessed with Daedalus' nimble knack for inventing ingenious things.

Favorite toys: Beakers, Rocket, Plasma Ball, Helmet, Parachute, Safety Glasses, and Gear Hat.

Elite Puffle Items: None.

Special facts: Afraid of balloons.

Favorite game: Puffle Launch (As said in Club Penguin Magazine Secret Agent Special)

Play: The Brown Puffle lays out a plasma ball. Then it jumps over it and hugs it. The static in the plasma ball makes the puffle's hair stick out. The puffle smiles, shakes it off and returns to normal

Play: The Brown Puffle lays out a rocket it builds and then jumps inside. The rocket takes off and goes haywire as it loops while the Brown Puffle falls off, dizzy. Its parachute finally opens up but is then too late. The Brown Puffle shakes off its dizziness and goes back to normal.

Bath: A big pool appears with atom signs on the side of it, and the Puffle puts on his goggles and dives in the big pool. In the pool a submarine then floats to the top of the water, the pool vanishes revealing the Brown Puffle.

Favorite Food: Astronaut Ice Cream

Gum: Blows a bubble but it pops. It uses the windshield wipers built in its spy goggles to get the gum off.

Dance: Goggles suddenly appear and puffle sways.

Postcard: The puffle is in its airplane and then flies off from your igloo with all of its equipment in the back of the plane.

Brush: Gives the Brown Puffle a temporary mohawk.

Sleep: The Brown Puffle lays a pillow out, puts on its goggles; then has a dream about difficult math problems but later finds the answer and awakens.

Puffle Handbook

It is documented that the brown Puffle blinks more than all other Puffles. Its dreams have graph paper backgrounds.

Famous Brown Puffle

There is only one famous Brown Puffle

Main article: Great Pufflini




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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePuffle Marrom
FrenchPuffle marron
SpanishPuffle café
GermanBrauner Puffle
RussianКоричневый пафл


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