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Brown Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Brown.png

Available No
Attitude Super Smart, Inventive
Member only Yes (Non-Members can get them from the Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Beakers, Rocket, Plasma Ball, Helmet, Parachute, and Safety Goggles
Play action Plasma ball, Rocket prototype
Dance Goggles suddenly appear and puffle sways
Tongue color Sky Blue
Speed Unknown
Special features Afraid of balloons
Elite Puffle Items N/A
Favorite Games N/A
ID 759

Brown Puffles are a species of puffles in Club Penguin. They were discovered at the Wilderness Expedition 2011 on January 17, 2011 in the Brown Puffle Cave and could later be adopted at the Pet Shop for 800 coins

They love to invent, and their favourite toys are their own inventions. They seem to be the smartest species of Puffle, however there is limited evidence to support this. According to the Puffle Handbook, their favourite food is Astronaut Ice Cream.


Brown Puffles were discovered during the Wilderness Expedition 2011 in January 17, 2011, in a cave deep in the Wilderness, only accessible through completion of a series of ordeals placed there either by nature or by the puffles themselves. Their distinctive inventive aptitude enabled the puffles to build incredible machines such as the elevator on the Cliff and the contraptions found in the Brown Puffle Cave, their secluded habitat. After facing every ordeal and crossing the Shore, you could choose a puffle to live with you, for free. After the Expedition, the Puffles were relocated to the island's pet shop and became permanently adoptable. At the Puffle Party 2011, their domain was in the Dance Lounge.


Attitude: Super Smart, inventive, Goofy. Brown puffles also seem to be very good at math, science, and engineering but are easily distracted and as such, their inventions don't always work out as planned.

Favorite toys: Rocket and a Plasma Ball.

Elite Puffle Items: N/A

Special facts: Afraid of balloons, blinks more than other puffles, their dreams have graph paper backgrounds.

Favorite game: Puffle Launch (As said in Club Penguin Magazine Secret Agent Special)

Play: The Brown Puffle lays out a plasma ball. Then it jumps over it and hugs it. The static in the plasma ball makes the puffle's hair stick out. The puffle smiles, shakes it off and returns to normal

Play: The Brown Puffle jumps inside a rocket. The rocket takes off and goes haywire as it loops while the Brown Puffle falls off, dizzy. Its parachute finally opens up once the puffle is on the ground. The Brown Puffle shakes off its dizziness and goes back to normal.

Bath: A big pool appears with atom signs on the side of it, and the Puffle puts on his goggles and dives in. A periscope then emerges from the water and looks around before the pool vanishes leaving just the Brown Puffle.

Favorite Food: Astronaut Ice Cream

Gum: Blows a bubble but it pops. It uses the windshield wipers built in its safety goggles to get the gum off.

Dance: Goggles suddenly appear and puffle sways.

Postcard: The puffle is in its rocket, flying away from your igloo with all of its equipment in the back.

Brush: Gives the Brown Puffle a temporary mohawk.

Sleep: A pillow appears and the puffle jumps onto it, puts on its goggles and then has a dream about difficult math problems.

Puffle Handbook

It is documented that the brown Puffle blinks more than all other Puffles. Its dreams have graph paper backgrounds.

Famous Brown Puffle

There is only one famous Brown Puffle

Main article: Great Pufflini


  • The Brown Puffle was the 10th Puffle to be discovered on the island.
  • In its development, before the Brown Puffle's personality had been decided, there were concepts for the Brown Puffles to be interested by cooking or construction.[1]
    • Though a chef puffle was never released, the Gold Puffle later took the role of a construction puffle.
  • The Brown Puffle's domain at the Puffle Parties from 2011-2013 was the Dance Lounge.
  • The Brown Puffle, like the Orange, Rainbow, and Gold puffles was not adapted to the Paint by Letters book, My Puffle, even though the file was updated to include it and the Orange Puffle.
  • It's implied that the Brown Puffles made the machine at the Cliff.
  • Their dreams have graph paper backgrounds.
  • These puffles bear resemblance to Gary the Gadget Guy and have appeared in artwork with him.
    • Despite these things, Gary does not own a brown puffle. He does, however, own a Blue Triceratops Puffle named Darwin.
  • Unlike most coloured puffles, There was no Brown or Rainbow Elite Puffle.
    • Concept art for a Brown Elite Puffle was released on the Club Penguin Blog. Though never implemented into the game, the puffle had an upgraded pair of safety goggles and controlled a 3-legged mech.
  • According to Yearbook 2010-2011, they're also good dancers, just like the Purple Puffle.
  • During Puffle Parties, there were many balloons in the Brown Puffle's domain, despite the Puffle Handbook mentioning that Brown Puffles are afraid of balloons.
  • It was the first puffle to have the new Puffle look on the Player card.
  • In artwork, they are commonly seen sticking their tongues out.
  • During the Wilderness Expedition 2011, they were free to adopt. Afterwards, the Brown Puffle could be adopted for the standard 800 Coins.
  • It is the only puffle to have had the old puffle design for less than a year.


  • At the Puffle Play Zone in the Puffle Party 2013, when you moused over a brown puffle, it would turn into a rainbow puffle for a split second.
  • When the Brown Puffle received their new look, it would revert back to the old look for a split second when walked. This glitch was patched.


Famous Brown Puffles

Brown Puffle in-game

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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Marrom
French Puffle marron
Spanish Puffle café
German Brauner Puffle
Russian Коричневый пафл