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Brown Puffle Cave
Wilderness Expedition 2011 Brown Puffle Cave

Where Beside the Bay and the Cove
Opened January 17, 2011
Closed January 31, 2011
Mini-games None
Room ID 863
Tour Description
Wow! Look at all of the Brown puffles! They seem to like these machines. Do you think they built them?

The Brown Puffle Cave was a party room for the Wilderness Expedition 2011. It was discovered on January 17, 2011. Once inside the cave, members could adopt one Brown Puffle for free. In order to get here and get one, a penguin had to go through the Glade, The Wilderness, the Cliff, the Shore, and the Bay and complete a set of challenging puzzles along the way. Shortly after the Brown Puffles were released, the Brown Puffle House was released, which was a free item available to members in this room.


  • The boat on the far right led to the Cove.


Geographic location[]