Brown Puffle
Brown Puffle

Available Yes
Attitude Intelligent, Sometimes a bit serious and curious, Very happy.
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Plasma ball, Toy plane
Play action Plasma ball, Toy plane
Dance Dances with Scientist goggles
Tongue color Blue
Speed Unknown
Special features Intelligence
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID 759

The Brown Puffle is the newest puffle, it was discovered on the 18th of January 2011 during the Wilderness Expedition. It was perhaps the most exciting to discover as not only several puzzles had to be solved but a boat had to be built and sailed out to their secret island and then enter a cave. Inside Members could adopt one Brown Puffle for free. So far it seems Brown Puffles are quite intelligent as the cave is full of many complex contraptions. They are Invention Puffles, like G due to equations.They wear goggles like G's glasses.



  • Bath - A bigger version of the other pools appears with signs similar to Jimmy Neutron's. The Brown Puffle wears it's goggles and dives. Then, A submarine scope appears then the pool disappears
  • Play
    • Super Play - A Rocket Ship appears and the Brown puffle puts it's goggles. It jumps and puts a daredevil helmet. The Rocket Ship launches but the Brown Puffle is blown away and is stunned. The emergency parachute pops out.
  • Gum - The Brown puffle chews and blows up a bubble then pops. It's goggles activate wipers, similar to what G did when the Crab Translator 3000 exploded.
  • Cookie - A cookie appears. The Brown puffle thinks of equations and a contraption appears and shoots the cookie that made it bigger. The puffle then digs in.
  • Eat - A white food bowl with Puffle-O's appears. The Brown Puffle devours into the bowl.
  • Sleep - A pillow appears and like the Orange puffle, it sleeps, with it's goggles on (That is considered dangerous and can cause blindness)! Then it has a nightmare of hard equations, and dividing a pie graph.


  • The Brown Puffle is more serious, intelligent, and knows what they're doing, while the Orange Puffle has a strong personality and likes to goof off.


Brown Puffle Dancing spinning with the brown puffle Brown Puffles Jumping Brown Puffle Swining Brown puffle Brown Puffles Player Card (Note the name) Sleepy


  • It may be possible that Gary the Gadget Guy might adopt a brown puffle due to the Brown Invention Puffle.
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