Buoys are objects found on Club Penguin Island. They are featured in some games, and can be seen at the Beach and the Lighthouse, and in some of the Secret Missions. There are about fifteen buoys around the island.


# Location
1 Jet Pack Adventure
2 Aqua Grabber
3 Jet Pack Adventure
4 Lighthouse (only in PSA Missions), Penguin Games, Trash Compactor at Star Wars Takeover, SoundStudio Party
5 Jet Pack Adventure
6 Beach, Club Penguin Times, Rainy Day Background, Homepage (February 2012)
7 Lighthouse, BUOYS Card-Jitsu card
8 Lighthouse, BUOYS Card-Jitsu card
9 Club Penguin Times
10 Mysterious Deep, Club Penguin Times, Lodge Attic
12 Puffle Digging (first dig popup)
1-99 Various microbots in space, during the Future Party
Unnumbered (gray) Hydro Hopper, Jet Pack Adventure, Aqua Grabber, Water Party 2008, Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
Unnumbered Penguin Games, Recycling Plant (trash-made object), Ski Hill (on the left part of the water, only visible in the SWF file), Underwater Expedition Login Screen

Other appearances


Buoys - CPT issue 403

The "Secrets" section of issue #403 of the Club Penguin Times.


Buoy 1

Buoy 2

Buoy 3

Buoy 4

Buoy 5

Buoy 6

Buoy 7

Buoy 8

Buoy 10

Buoy 12

Gray buoys


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