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Johnny Jansen
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Full Name Johnny Jansen
Born May 22
Position Former Moderator and social media employee
Joined the team 2007
Left the team April 2013
Penguin Name Businesmoose

Businesmoose (real name Johnny Jansen) was a Club Penguin Staff Member (social media). He was revealed to penguins in the video that first showed Server Jumping. He was featured in many other videos that are famous on Club Penguin blogs, making his fame much bigger and himself more well known throughout the community.

Leaving Club Penguin

In March 2013, Businesmoose announced he would be leaving Club Penguin.

Hello Penguins,

Can you believe that the rainbow puffle is almost here? After years of waiting, this week you will be able to adopt your very own. Exciting stuff!

I wanted you to hear it from me first that I will be leaving Club Penguin for new adventures. I'll be around helping the team until the first week of April. Moose Monday is still happening so you'll have a lot of chances to say goodbye - hope to see you there! :)

Since I started in 2007, my favorite part about working at CP has always been the community. I've always been blown away by your imagination and ability to make the best out of any situation. Remember that YOU are the reason why Club Penguin is so special!

Businesmoose, March 19, 2013


  • His igloo is decorated to look like Club Penguin's head office.
  • He celebrated the first Moose Monday as a random party on October 1st, 2012, however it turned into more of a tradition.
  • He owns the original "Dubstep Puffle."
  • Businesmoose made his first post on the What's New Blog on September 28, 2012.
  • Businesmoose, Billybob, and Happy77 are the only Club Penguin staff members to publicly announce his or her departure from the game on the What's New Blog.
  • Ninja replaced him as a Club Penguin Blogger and as a Social Media staff member.
  • Rsnail indirectly confirmed on Twitter that Businesmoose was joining his company HyperHippo to work on the game, Mech Mice. He is known as MechMoose in Mech Mice.
  • Businesmoose has a Twitter account - @ClubMoose.
  • Businesmoose dropped by on October 24, 2013 to celebrate Club Penguin's 8th Anniversary.


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