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A Club Penguin Private Server (commonly abbreviated and known as a CPPS) is an unofficial emulated version of Club Penguin, which are made by fans, and are not endorsed by Disney. These servers often re-use and re-mix Club Penguin's .swf files and databases to replicate Club Penguin content, or create original alternations. These are popularly used to create an experience similar to that of the official game after it was discontinued in March 2017.


  • The first Club Penguin Private Server was iCPv1, which was authored by Alex (iRath96/iCrack). It was accessible through a modified version of the Penguin Storm trainer. After receiving pressure from Disney to close down due to copyright issues, the developers of the CPPS released their server scripts to the public, allowing many to create their own servers.
  • In April 2014, became the first CPPS to have 1 million users registered. In 2017, it also became the first to have 2 million users registered.

Legal status

Since private servers essentially copy copyrighted materials by Disney, there has been much controversy as to whether or not creating and hosting them is legal. Disney often pursue CPPSs and attempt to have them taken down with DMCA notices.

Common features

  • The ability to obtain any item, including ones that would otherwise only be used for acting as mascots
  • Adding coins to the player's account without having to earn them
  • Use member-only features without paying for a membership
  • Altering the player's color, name color, size, etc, usually to that of any color value of the player's choosing
  • Sending messages that contain numbers and special characters that normally would not be possible in the Toolbar
  • Being allowed to use inappropriate language without getting banned
  • Custom content, usually either alterations of official content or completely new original content, often in the forms of rooms


Commands are specific text that start with an exclamation mark (!), forward slash (/), colon (:), or other special character, which, when sent as a message, trigger an action to modify the player's account. For example, commands are often used for obtaining clothing items and furniture. It also allows obtaining bait and unreleased items.

Common commands

Command Function Example
!ac (x) Add certain amount of coins !ac 5000
!ai/!add (x) Add clothing items !ai 221
!addall Add all clothing items NA
!af (x) Add furniture !af 55
!afl (x) Add igloo flooring !afl 7
!al (x) Add igloo location !al 2
!as (x) Add stamp !as 20
!jr (x) Join room !jr 805
!igloo (x) Add igloo !igloo 30
!um/!music Change Igloo music !um 5

Other commands

The following section includes some extra commands. They are not common and are not available in all CPPSs.

Command Function Example
!up (x) Turn into a character !up Rockhopper
!pin (x) Set any item as your pin !pin 413
!id Displays your penguin ID P12345
!ap (x) Adds Puffle Hats !ap 73
!nickname (x) Changes visible name until next login !nickname Billybob
!scale (x) (y) Changes size of player's penguin !scale 200 300
!wow Enables/disables movement anywhere NA
!speed (x) Changes movement speed !speed 120
!tp (x) Teleports to a penguin by name !tp PenguinDude123
!emoteall (x) Makes everyone use an emote by ID !emoteall 19
!ping Checks your status NA
!clone (x) Copies another penguin's items !clone Rockhopper
/puffle (x) Gives the penguin a puffle of the desired color /puffle blue