Candy is a type of currency in Club Penguin and food in Club Penguin, Candy is mostly seen at Halloween Parties. Candy played a big part at the Halloween Party 2013, where it is used for buying items from the Candy Catalog.
Candies are earned by playing the pumpkin trick or treat game, which could be played from members' igloos and certain rooms.

Pumpkin Game

When prompted, the Pumpkin Game will pop up and allow you to select three candies. A Candy comes in shades of orange, green or pink. After selecting three candies, they will be displayed below and numbers will pop out. These numbers determine the amount of candy you get, sometimes you might get a Spectral Sweet while Trick or Treating.


Main article: Spectral Sweets

The obtained sweets allow members to transform into werewolves, zombies and vampires, where each type of transformation come in 3 optional colors.



Trick or Treating


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