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Candy Catalog
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Date released October 17, 2013
Available? No
Update frequency None
Items sold Clothing, Puffle Hats
Where found Party Interface

The Candy Catalog was a catalog available during the Halloween Party 2013. It offered items that could be bought using candies as a currency, rather than coins.

Items Sold

Item Price (candies) Member
Trick-or-Treat Bag 50 No
Bat Wing Headband 60 No
The Nine Lives 150 Yes
Cat Eyes 60 Yes
Kitty Costume 200 Yes
Swamp Monster Mask 150 Yes
Swamp Monster Costume 300 Yes
Swamp Monster Feet 50 Yes
Springy Pumpkins 60 No
Tomb King Hat 150 Yes
Tomb King Costume 200 Yes
The All Dolled Up 140 Yes
Creepy Doll Makeup 120 Yes
Creepy Doll Costume 200 Yes
The Villain Do 150 Yes
Classic Vampire Costume 200 Yes
Pumpkin Lid Free Yes