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Candy Ghosts

All 8 candy ghosts
Scientific name N/A
Similar creatures Ghosts
Appeared Halloween Party 2011, Halloween Party 2012
Predators Penguins
Prey N/A

Candy Ghosts were a type of ghost in Club Penguin. They appeared during the Halloween Party 2011 and 2012.

In 2011, players needed to find all ghosts as part of a Scavenger Hunt by clicking piles of candies all around the island. Eventually, they received the Candy Ghost BG.
In 2012, players needed to wear the Ghost Catcher Uniform and catch ghosts in the Haunted Mansion by throwing snowballs at them — which appeared as canisters. Each canister would then suck in the ghost above it, and the player would receive 10 coins for the caught ghost.



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