Canned Drink
Red Juice
Serving temperature Unknown
Main ingredients Unknown
Consumed by Penguins

Canned Drink was a type of drink/soda in Club Penguin. It was seen in the Arcade. Its can was red in color. It is unknown what was inside it — it could be a soda or an energy drink.


  • This can was bigger in the old Dance Lounge.
  • It is still unknown where this drink was made from.
  • It used to be in all tables of the old Dance Lounge, but after being renovated in 2011, one was in the trash can and the other was on the top of the Soda Machine.
  • At the Puffle Party 2013 there was one in the Ski Lodge.
  • At the School & Skate Party, there were many cans of it on the tables of the Pizza Parlor.
  • Some of the cans were green, possibly meaning a different flavor/type of Canned Drink.
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