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|name= Carabiner Pin
|name= Carabiner Pin

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Carabiner Pin
Carabiner Pin
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Pin
Member item No
Party Mountain Expedition
Cost Free
Where found Lighthouse
Item ID 7031
Unlockable  ?
The Carabiner Pin is a pin in Club Penguin. It was free and was available to all penguins at the Lighthouse. It was probably released because a carabiner clips you on to a hold while climb a cliff when you climb a mountain, for the Mountain Expedition. It was hidden in almost the exact spot as the Fireworks Pin. This is a pin that isn't huge, unlike previous pins which were relatively about the size or bigger than penguins. It is Club Penguin's 130th pin.


This pin was released on August 12, 2010 for all penguins.

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