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|name= Carabiner Pin
|name= Carabiner Pin
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*This pin was active from August 12, 2010 to August 26, 2010.
*This pin was active from August 12, 2010, to August 26, 2010.

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Carabiner Pin
Carabiner Pin
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Pin
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Lighthouse
Item ID 7031
Unlockable No
The Carabiner Pin is a pin in Club Penguin. It was free and was available to all penguins at the Lighthouse. It was probably released because a carabiner clips you on to a hold while climb a cliff when you climb a mountain, for the Mountain Expedition. It was hidden in almost the exact spot as the Fireworks Pin. This is a pin that isn't huge, unlike previous pins which were relatively about the size or bigger than penguins. It is Club Penguin's 131st pin.


  • This pin was active from August 12, 2010, to August 26, 2010.


  • It makes an appearance on the August 2010 page of the 2009-2010 Yearbook when the cloud in the upper right corner is clicked on.


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