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The belt legend, as seen on a poster attached to the Dojo's wall

Card-Jitsu Belts were clothing items which players received through their progress in Card-Jitsu. There were nine different belts to earn:

When players got a Black Belt, they had a chance of beating Sensei in Card-Jitsu. If they defeated Sensei, they would become a ninja. However, not many were ninjas as it took a long time to earn a Black Belt. Many penguins gave up fighting Sensei, even though you had to fight and lose to him several times before you became a ninja.


Purple belt

Earning the Purple Ninja Belt

  • In the real world, there are far more belts such as Dan belts.
  • Even if you always lost, the losing percentage would keep adding up progress points until you got your next belt.
  • The amount of wins you needed to get increased by 1 for each belt.


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