Card-Jitsu Party 2011
Card-Jitsu Party 2011 logo

Members only? No
When November 24 – December 8, 2011
Free Item(s) Non-members
Fire Headband, Water Headband, Sensei's Autograph

Fire Training Plates, Water Training Plates

Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) Sensei

Card-Jitsu Party 2011 was a party that began on November 24, 2011 and ended on December 8, 2011. Sensei visited and gave away his autographed background. According to the login screen, non-members were allowed to play Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water until December 6, completing their Ninja training.

Free items

Image Name Where found Members only?
Fire Headband Fire Headband Town No
Water Headband Water Headband Plaza No
Sensei BG Sensei's Autograph Meeting Sensei No
4454 icon Fire Training Plates Ninja Headquarters Yes
Water Training Plates Water Training Plates Ninja Headquarters Yes



Bug on CP Homepage

A bug on the homepage that said "-1 days left".

  • Even if a player was already a Ninja and visited the Dojo Courtyard, Sensei would pop up and the player wouldn't be able to go to the Dojo or to the Map. The same thing would happen in the Ninja Hideout.
  • On the first day of the party, when players went to the Ninja Hideout, some players' connections were automatically disconnected.
  • All of the players' Inventory items would be missing and if the player tried to buy an item it would say "undefined for undefined coins". This was later fixed.
  • There was a bug during the beginning of the party, where if you went into the Pet Shop, you would hear the Halloween Party music. This glitch was later fixed.
  • On December 7, the day the party was supposed to end, the homepage said there were -1 days left. This is probably because Club Penguin programmed the homepage to go one day down each day, but Club Penguin themselves had to finish the party. This also happened with the Puffle Party 2012.
  • Sometimes when you went to the Dock, the room was just a white screen and you could walk anywhere but could not go to other rooms.
  • There was a glitch where if you went to the Town and had the full water/fire suit on and did the dance you would get banned. This was later fixed, and as a sorry note, Club Penguin also added 5000 coins to the player's account.


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