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Card-Jitsu Snow
Players 3, 4 (with Sensei) in Tusk Battle
Controls Mouse (touch screen in Club Penguin App)
Minigame location Snow Dojo, Club Penguin App
Date released February 28, 2013 (beta),
May 23, 2013[1], (full release),
June 6, 2013, (Club Penguin App)
One single snowflake is quiet. But many of them... a powerful force. Ninjas, all of your training has come to this moment. Together, we must master the power of snow.
— Sensei, Card-Jitsu Snow trailer

Card-Jitsu Snow was the last Card-Jitsu game in Club Penguin, and the fourth addition to the Card-Jitsu Series; succeeding Card-Jitsu Water. Testing began on February 28, 2013 and ended on April 11, 2013. It was released during the Card-Jitsu Party 2013 on May 23, 2013.[1] In the game penguins must take on three Snow Minions enemies: Scrap, Tank, and Sly and later their walrus leader, Tusk; Sensei's former best friend from childhood, and now worst enemy.



Name Description
Fire Ninja stamp (Card-Jitsu Snow) Win 3 Rounds as a Fire Ninja.
Snow Ninja stamp Win 3 Rounds as a Snow Ninja.
Water Ninja stamp (Card-Jitsu Snow) Win 3 Rounds as a Water Ninja.


Name Description
Revive stamp Revive a ninja.
3 Ninja Combo stamp Play a Power Card in the same turn as all ninjas.
Up and at 'em stamp Get revived and still win the battle.
Huge Heal stamp Heal all ninjas with 1 Snow Power Card.
Snow Shield stamp Shield other ninjas in a Snow Power Card Combo.
Wave Boost stamp Boost all ninja attacks in a Water Power Card Combo.
Power Card Pro stamp Play 3 Power Cards in a battle.
Snow Pro stamp Earn the gem. Finish over half of your Snow journey.


Name Description
4 Ninja Combo stamp Play a Power Card in the same turn as all ninjas & Sensei.
Team Revival stamp Win after all ninjas have fallen and been revived.
Heal 15 stamp Heal a ninja 15 times in a battle.
Tidal Wave stamp Damage 3 Snow Minions with 1 Water Power Card.
Fire Blast stamp Blast 3 Snow Minions with 1 Fire Power Card.
Fire Blast Combo stamp Blast 3 Snow Minions with 1 Fire Power Card in a Combo.
3 Combos stamp Play 3 Power Card Combos in a battle.


Name Description
Full Health Stamp Reach a Full Health Bonus Round.
Bonus Win Stamp Defeat all Snow Minions in a Bonus Round.
Final Battle stamp Defeat the master of Snow.


The game is played on a tiled grid on a snow-covered mountain. It is very similar to that of checkers or chess. The ninja players are placed on the left side of the grid, while the snowmen are placed on the opposite side of the grid. Each player and snowman has a health bar. The bottom of the screen shows the player's deck. Every time a part of the grid turns blue, players have the option to move to a different spot on the grid. As players move closer to the snowmen, they can use powers on them. When a part of the grid turns red, players have the option to use a Power Card power-up against one of the snowmen, which temporarily stuns them, and causes them to lose health. Players can also lose health, which causes them to be temporarily stuck in the snow until such time where they are revived by other players.

Once a snowman has lost all of its health, it will fall and disappear. Once all the snowmen on the grid have lost their health and been defeated, the round will end. There are three rounds to beat before the match is won.

In the game, your penguin will be awarded with stamps, coins, and will be given a reward to complete your Snow Ninja suit, and unlock episodes of the Card-Jitsu Saga. Once you have received the full suit by winning many matches (there is a progress bar at the end of the game), you will receive the Snow Gem. By winning against him, you will be considered a full Snow Ninja. You will be awarded Tusk's Cape after you defeat Tusk. After that, you can still play to earn rewards.

Bonus round

Upon completing the third round, players will have a chance at entering a special bonus round. Ninjas will have to face four snowmen in the bonus round. Defeating all four snowmen will earn players the Bonus Win Stamp.

There are three different ways to enter the Bonus Round. One way is it to make it through all three rounds without a Ninja falling to an enemy snowman. This was originally the way to enter the bonus round while it was in beta testing. Another way is to finish the third round with all ninjas having full health. Doing so will earn players the Full Health Stamp. The last way to enter the bonus round is by completing all three rounds in a certain matter of time (most of the time it is around 4 minutes). The different ways to enter the bonus round are given at random and aren't in any particular order.

Revival feature

The revival feature was just recently added in the game. There's a special card, the Bonus Revive, which can be found at the right side of your card deck. It heals you to full health once used. This card can be used at any time and is members only. Also, it does not heal other players, but only you.


Unlike the other games in the Card-Jitsu Series, penguins fight alongside the other Ninjas against three evil Snowmen enemies. They have a grudge with the Ninjas, because they are doing Tusk's bidding to defeat Sensei and his ninjas, and to destroy the Dojo. The villains are:


Just like Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water, Card-Jitsu Snow has a trailer for itself. It is different from the trailers for the other Card-Jitsu spin-off games. Instead of an unknown announcer, Sensei speaks to the viewer, using the same voice and voice actor present in Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei, keeping continuity for the character. This was also the first official time we see Sensei in the penguin design first incorporated in 2013 Club Penguin artwork. The trailer is also in more of a television advertisement style, unlike the previous trailers.


Club Penguin- Card-Jitsu Snow - Official Trailer!-2


(From the Commercial)
A glowing snowflake falls into Sensei's flipper.
Sensei: One single snowflake is quiet. But the many of them...
Tusk is seen in the top of a mountain, roaring and causing an avalanche.
Sensei: ...A powerful force.
The Snowmen come from inside the avalanche, and Ninjas are seen battling them.
Sensei: Ninjas, all of your training has come to this moment. Together, we must master the power of snow.
Sensei creates a light purple power from his flippers, which turns into a vortex and knocks the snowmen down.

Actual game footage is shown
Announcer: Battle in Card-Jitsu Snow, the newest ninja game! And members can get more special cards with powerful moves to defeat their enemies.
Tank is seen walking in the background of a snowy place, and a Mullet falls on him.
Announcer: Some features require paid Membership.


Element Attack Range Move Special Abilities Power Card Combo
Water 10 1 2 None Double Attack to enemies Power up to do an extra 50% damage on your next attack (can also heal if the player is the Snow Ninja)
Snow 6 3 3 Heal Ninjas by 6 Damage enemies and boost a ninja's health by the power card value number. Shield all ninjas from one attack
Fire 8 2 2 None Damage and stun enemies Damage enemies for 3 turns

Battle areas

Ninja Tips

At the start of each game, a randomly selected Ninja Tip would be displayed on the loading screen, selected out of the following:

  • Play a power card to deal double damage to your target.
  • Power Cards impact 9 tiles.
  • Stop enemies from attacking the Snow Ninja by blocking their path.
  • Create a combo when 2 or more ninjas play a Power Card in the same turn.
  • Each turn, choose a move and an action - attack, revive, or Power Card attack.
  • Every move, action, and hit charges your power meter. Unlock a Power Card when the meter is full.
  • Ninjas can hold 4 mighty Power Cards at a time. You must play a card to collect the next.
  • Get the most out of your Power Cards. Try to strike all enemies in range on a single attack.
  • Power Cards are dealt randomly. Keep charging your power meter to play all the cards you own.
  • Ninja down? Use a turn to revive your teammate.
  • Ward off nearby enemies before reviving a ninja to keep them safe.
  • Scrap swings at ninjas standing next to his target. Don't huddle together around him.
  • Sly hits harder from a distance. Get in close to take less damage.
  • Snow Ninja - Heal ninjas with Power Cards to keep the team strong.
  • Snow Power Cards can revive a fallen ninja. Watch out for nearby enemies, who may attack again!
  • Snow Ninja - Keep your distance from enemies and use your impressive range.
  • Tank thwacks 3 tiles in a strike. Don't stand shoulder-to-shoulder in front of him.

A different selection Ninja Tips appeared when facing Tusk. They were:

  • Avoid Tusk's attack! He blasts icicles down 2 rows at a time, across the board.
  • Fire Ninja - Stun Tusk between row attacks to delay icicle storms and blast backs.
  • Sensei will back you up with a Power Card attack every 3 turns.
  • Sensei's Snow Power Card comes 3 turns after his Water attack. Stay near the middle to be healed.
  • Stack up behind other ninjas for Tusk's blast attack. The ninja in front won't fly back as far and can attack Tusk faster.


  • Power Cards are the only type of Card-Jitsu Cards that can be used in the game.
  • Unlike Card-Jitsu Water and Card-Jitsu Fire, you are able to earn coins while you are playing.
  • Instead of fighting against other ninjas, you are fighting alongside them against a bigger threat.
  • It is the only mini-game in Club Penguin to ever have its own public beta testing.
  • It is the only Card-Jitsu game to have videos as rewards and other rewards than the Snow Ninja Suit, Snow Gem, and the Card-Jitsu Saga.
  • This is the only Card-Jitsu game where you may not necessarily play with players on the same server as you, as this game all connects through the same port, not to a port specific to that server, to make it easier for non-busy servers.
    • This explains why there are no game mats at the Snow Dojo.
  • This is the only multiplayer game where there must be 3 players to play.
  • This is the first game to have a fixed screen size.
  • This is the only Card-Jitsu game where you do not have to defeat Sensei to become the actual ninja. Instead, you must defeat Tusk, Sensei's worst enemy.
  • Card Jitsu Snow gets played about 100,000 - 500,000 times each day on both the web, and on mobile.[2]
  • This is the only Card-Jitsu game where Sensei helps you.
  • This is the only Card Jitsu game where you do not play against other ninjas.


  • Whenever you go to the bridge to play the game, nothing happens, the screen just turns white. This happens very often.
  • When you select an element, then in the loading page (when you wait for other players), an error shows: "Sorry there was an error matching you with other players. Please try again.". This bug is being fixed and will be fixed soon. This glitch is also on the Club Penguin App.
  • When you see the loading page, it loads forever or it shows as an error. It happens often.
  • The game starts but it becomes too slow or buggy/glitchy and sometimes stops and you have to log off.
  • The game sometimes says "too many players have quit". This is the most common bug.
  • During loading, there is a download page that pops out, but when you close the download page, it says that there is an error and you have to either press the "x" or log off. This glitch is quite uncommon for most people.
  • When you try to play the game (usually after you have already played it just before) it says you are already logged in, even if you are not.
  • Sometimes, when you've picked which ninja type to be in the battle against Tusk, Club Penguin will only pick 1 other ninja, sometimes even no other ninjas.
  • After playing a game of Card-Jitsu, your penguin's clothes might randomly disappear (as pictured).
  • Sometimes on the Club Penguin App, Tusk becomes invisible and you are unable to click the red target.
  • Your percent needed is different from what it says you have at the end of the last game you played.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Desafio Ninja Neve
French Card-Jitsu Neige
Spanish Card-jitsu Nieve
German Card-Jitsu Schnee
Russian Ниндзя-Карты Снег

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