Card-Jitsu Water
CardJitsuWater Logo.png
Players 2-4
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Water Dojo
Date released November 24, 2010[1] (members)
May 9, 2013[2] (everyone)
Date closed March 30, 2017
From here, a new Ninja journey begins. Turn the tides on your opponents with patience, practice, power. Reach the Waterfall and discover a new battle. Are you ready to master the element of water?
— Unknown voice, Card-Jitsu Water trailer

Card-Jitsu Water was a spin-off of Card-Jitsu and is another, more fast-paced version of Card-Jitsu Fire. The game was confirmed in a trailer posted on the What's New Blog and at first was members-only. News of this new game was released in late October 2010 and in early November 2010. It is said that the big storm was leading up to its arrival. Non-Members could play Card-Jitsu Water for the first time ever during the Card-Jitsu Party in 2011. After the party it was once again members only. However, the game opened up to all players again permanently on May 9, 2013.[2]



Name Description
Gong! stamp Win a match and sound the gong.
Watery Fall stamp Take the Plunge! Fall off the Waterfall.


Name Description
Water Expert stamp Win 100 Matches.
Water Midway stamp Earn the coat. Finish 50% of your Water Ninja Journey.


Name Description
Water Suit stamp Complete your Water suit.
Water Ninja stamp Defeat Sensei and become a Water Ninja.


Name Description
Two Close stamp Drift to the edge twice and still win the match.
Skipping Stones stamp Clear 28 stones of any element in a match.

The Dojo

The Water Dojo

The Water Dojo is hidden inside a waterfall. It, like almost all the other Dojos, has mats for free play and a green cushion for Sensei to sit on. When you throw a snowball in this dojo, it becomes a water balloon.


Card-Jitsu Water When you play

In Card-Jitsu Water, penguins move on a grid of tiles that are floating down a river towards a waterfall. Towards the beginning of the river is a gong. Tiles not occupied by a penguin each have an element (fire, water, or snow) of varying size (small, medium, large).

Unlike in the previous Card-Jitsu games, penguins do not fight each other. Instead, the objective of Card-Jitsu Water is to create a path to the gong (by clearing tiles and moving onto the cleared tiles) before they fall off the edge of the Waterfall.

At the bottom of the screen, random cards in the player's deck scroll from left to right, meaning that you have a limited amount of time to play a card before cards scroll off the right edge of your screen. In order to clear a tile for your penguin to move to, you must clear the element that is covering the tile you want to move to by playing the element that defeats it (refer to basic rules of Card-Jitsu).

You can throw a card onto a tile that is at maximum ONE square away from you, but you can throw in ANY direction (horizontally, vertically, diagonally). You cannot throw a card onto a tile that is occupied by a penguin.

However, note that the SIZE of obstacle that you target with your card is important. A small-sized water can be typically be cleared by a snow card of power 5-or-lower. A medium-sized water can be cleared by a snow card of power 6-and-up, or by playing two cards of power 5-and-under on it. (Note that you are allowed to play two cards onto the same tile.) A large-sized water is beaten by a snow power card, or (using two cards on the same tile) by a snow card of 6-power and a card of power 5-or-lower. The same power requirement of fire cards to clear snow obstacles, and the same power requirement of water cards to clear fire obstacles applies.

Also note that if you throw the same element that is on the stone, the element will become more powerful. If you for instance throw water onto water, the water will grow. This strategy can be used to strengthen the obstacles around another opponent. But use this with caution when in a match with three or more penguins, as it will give time to the other opponent(s). And always remember that it is possible to lose track of what you are doing and fall off the waterfall, so don't take too much time.

Players win or lose by hitting the gong or falling off the waterfall, respectively, after every other penguin has fallen off the waterfall. If the gong is hit, then that penguin that struck the gong places 1st - while the closer the other penguins were to the gong, will determine the placement (2nd, 3rd, 4th) of the other penguins. If the gong is hit and two penguins are on the same line, the penguin closer to the left bank of the river will receive the higher placement.


Instead of earning belts, a player earns parts to complete their Water Suit. Defeating Sensei will earn you the Water Gem, making you a Water Ninja. There are five parts to the suit. They are:


Just like Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water has a trailer for itself. Here is what the mysterious voice said:

"For those who have mastered the ancient art of Card-Jitsu, it is time for a new wave of challenges. Beyond the myth, high above the Dojo, a place of mist and mystery emerges from the clouds. From here, a new Ninja journey begins. Turn the tides on your opponents with patience, practice, power. Reach the Waterfall and discover a new battle. Are you ready to master the element of water?"


What Sensei says to an error

  • "This example text, I have put it on three lines. Not a good haiku."

What Sensei can say to the player

  • "I see you're wearing an Anniversary Hat. I like pointy hats."
  • "Ahh, the Beta Hat. The most ancient of all hats. I rarely wear mine."
  • "Oh! You have a beard! A fine choice. Mine helps me train.... Wait. Is that tied on?"
  • "You own the costume of Squidzoid. Squids and water go well together."
  • "You own the Apron of the Goldsmith. Much like gold, water is precious."
  • "You own a Blue Tux. It sparkles like blue water. But won't help you float."
  • "I sense that you have the Pumpkin Head. I will ask: That orange thing floats?"
  • "Ahh, the great Tuba. A graceful instrument, and strong, like brass ninja."
  • "If you see something you find curious, click it and I will explain..."
  • "Your Amulet shows your desire to master all the elements"
  • "I sense you have the Disco Wig! This shows your great style and humor..."

One of Sensei's quotes

About stamps

About ninja apparel

About fire ninja apparel

  • "You have Flame Sandals? They show you walk with power. Good luck with water."
  • "You already have the Magma Coat. You must be quite dedicated."
  • "Your Lava Mask shows how very well you've embraced the ways of Fire."
  • "Fiery Helmet! You are a Master of Fire. Good luck with water."

About water ninja apparel

  • "You have Wave Sandals. They tell me you have walked on this water journey."
  • "Ah... the Wave Sandals you possess will help you walk to your victory."
  • "I sense you have the Waterfall Coat. Do you think... it is water proof?"
  • "A Waterfall Coat! it shows you know the power of water. Welcome."
  • "You already own the Torrent Mask.... Like water, you have calm power."
  • "You have great power. I welcome you back with the Torrent Mask you wear."
  • "Helmet of Oceans! What you have impresses me. Welcome, once again."

About Puffles

  • "Does your Red Puffle enjoy adventure? If so, it'll like being here..."
  • "An Orange Puffle, known for being quite unique... Just might eat your belt."
  • "Your Yellow Puffle must like water. Both have much artistic flow. "
  • "Your Green Puffle flies! But its propeller won't help it tame the Waterfall."
  • "The great Blue Puffle, teaches us to hide our strength, behind quiet face."
  • "Your Purple Puffle has mastered the ancient art... of giant bubbles."
  • "Ah, Black Puffles are masters of fire. Is yours... grumpy in water?"
  • "Ah! A White Puffle. We should ask it not to freeze the Water Dojo!"
  • "Ahh, the Pink Puffle. Secret Masters of Water.... Water beats fire..."
  • "Oh, The Brown Puffle! Very intelligent. Like the Water."

Real life replication (game)

This is a real life game, the instructions are:

  • It is hard to make it move, so instead, make a race of who can get to the top fastest
  • First, arrange the cards into a 5X10 to 40 formation, if it is a 3-4 players, make it 7X10 to 40.
  • Have a spare pile of cards to use. If it runs out, pause game, and use the spare cards not on the grid for spare cards
  • First one who races to the end of the grid wins, and this is much easier, because you don't fall off.
  • A great game to speed up your math skills, and who's the fastest.


  • This marks the second Card-Jitsu game in the series That can be played with 2-4 players.
  • When you play the game, you can see the Dojo Courtyard in the top left part of the screen, left of the water ninja fountain.
  • As mentioned during the second part of Waddle Down Memory Lane, the Club Penguin Team created prototype board games in the process of development to test the concepts of Card-Jitsu Water. Board games were also created for Card-Jitsu Fire.


  • Sometimes, when joining a 4-player game (on one of the card-jitsu mats) all the players would suddenly turn Old Blue and start bowing. This glitch also appeared in Card-Jitsu Fire and was never fixed.
  • When playing on low quality graphics any penguins wearing the color black, appear to be Dark Black.
  • After the Dojo was renovated, some penguins were not able to leave the Water Dojo and would have to use map to get out.
  • Black Cards with the word uno written on them in white font often appear mixed in with the player's cards. These cards disappear when clicked, rendering them unusable.
    • The text on the cards likely reads "undefined', but only the first three letters fit on the card (and the top of the 'd' is cut off)




Earning the Water Suit



Stamp Book photographs



Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Desafio Ninja Água
French Card-Jitsu Eau
Spanish Card-jitsu Agua
German Card-Jitsu Wasser
Russian Ниндзя-Карты Вода



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