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Catchin' Waves
Catchin' Waves Logo.png
Players 1 + Red Puffle
Controls Mouse (move)
Arrow Keys (tricks)
Minigame location Cove
Date released June 4, 2007[1]

A puffle winning the game. Note the old blue penguin.

Using the Silver Surfboard, a player could earn up to 2000 coins in a single run, although achieving such an amount is difficult.

Catchin' Waves was a surfing mini-game played from the surfboard (formerly the hut shack) located at the Cove. In this game, the player moves the cursor up and down to steer a penguin surfing along the wave. There are four game modes: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition and Survival. Surf Lesson is a short surf with tips on how to surf. Freestyle mode is a normal surfing mode. In Competition mode, the player has to do as many tricks as possible in order to satisfy three judges, each of them likes a certain trick or move. In Survival Mode, the player has to surf through rough seas and avoid icebergs and sharks.



Name Description
First Trick stamp Master your first trick on the board.
Puffle Surfin' stamp Take your Red Puffle to a surf lesson.
Easy Flip stamp Perform 1 flip.
Easy Tube stamp Hit the 100 point combo while shooting the tube.
Easy Grind stamp Hit the 100 point combo while grinding the wave.
Graduate stamp Finish a surf lesson.
Easy Spin stamp Perform a 3 spin jump.


Name Description
Trick Star stamp Master 13 different tricks in a surf.
Podium Puffle stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place with your puffle.
Flip Star stamp Jump and flip 3 times.
Easy Jump stamp Jump the height of 8 penguins.
Super Tube stamp Hit the 1000 point combo while shooting the tube.
Super Spin stamp Perform a 7 spin jump.
Super Grind stamp Hit the 700 point combo while grinding the wave.


Name Description
Max Grind stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Hit the 1200 point combo while grinding the wave.
First Place stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Win first place in a competition.
Max Flips stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Jump and flip 10 times.
High Jump stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Jump the height of 20 penguins.
Max Tube stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Hit the 5000 point combo while shooting the tube.
Max Spin stamp Perform a 10 spin jump.


Name Description
Shark! stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Spot the shark.
Survivor stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Complete Survival Mode.


  • It was the first game in Club Penguin in which players could play with their puffle, although it was limited to red puffles.
  • Despite the Cove opening on May 24, 2007, Catchin' Waves was not playable for over two weeks later. This was done to coincide with the movie Surf's Up, which premiered the same week, as part of a small partnership Club Penguin had with Sony at the time.[2]
  • Survival Mode was added on June 29, 2007.[3]
  • Prior to the release of stamps, Competition and Survival modes could be played by non-members.
  • Prior to an update in November 2013, it was not possible to play with a red puffle and use a surfboard aside from the default one due to puffles taking up the hand item slot.
  • There are unused early versions of the judges in the game's .swf file. The sprites closely resemble the ones from Pizza Oven.
  • Red Puffles could not be brought to the Survival mode, as they would be scared. This attitude is not suitable to Red Puffles, as they are described in the Puffle Handbook as adventurous.


A puffle surfing with its owner

A puffle doing tricks

  • Players could bring a Red Puffle to the game, which could yield up to 3 points each time the player jumped.
  • In Freestyle, Survival and Surf Lesson, in the end when the water is going down, players could try to lose balance and fall, until they have no more boards left. They would be placed back a little, letting them earn more points.


Main article: Surfboard


Name Method
Icebreaker + or A + W
Coastal Kick + or A + D
The Blender + or S + D
Lazy Wave + or S + W
Backstand + or S + A
Surf Fever + or D + W
Shooting the tube Hold until reaching the curved part of the wave
Frontflip Move the mouse in clockwise circles while in the air
Backflip Move the mouse in counter-clockwise circles while in the air
Grind Leap into the air, then hold down the left button of the mouse when landing on the wave
Trick/Grind Do a trick, leap into the air, then grind
Spin Leap into the air, then do a trick
  • Pressing any arrow key in the air let the player do a basic aerial trick. Flipping at the same time increases points.


Competition mode judges

Unused judges

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Pegando Onda
French Prendre la Vague
Spanish Olas con onda
German Wellenreiten
Russian На волне