These are the Wiki's autistic users. This includes all of the conditions on the Autism Spectrum which ranges from low functioning autism or Rett Syndrome, Moderate functioning autism or Classical autism or High Functioning Autism called Aspergers Syndrome, also not specified autism.

Autism is a developmental/behavioural/passive mental condition in which one's brain develops in such a way that eliminates the need for proper social abilities. Although the autism itself does not cause trouble for the autistic (If an Autistic was left on his own he'd have no problem). The trouble is though that we live in a non-autistic society where proper social skills have somehow became important. This causes conflict concerning Autistics, Mostly because An autistic mindset is completely different from a Non Autistic. And things which would be deemed troublesome by a non autistic (Such as obsessive or compulsive behaiviour) is completely normal for an autistic, and Facial expressions and other social sub-language are deemed unusual for an autistic

Even though these users are autistic, it is important that you don't think of them as autistic; think of them as completely normal and equal to you all, because that is what they are.

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