Cave Mine
Cave Mine

Where Underground
Opened January 22, 2010
Closed November 7, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 813
Tour Description
Here we have the cave mine...Some workers say they've found buried grab a hardhat and start digging!

The Cave Mine was an underground cavern in Club Penguin, where miners could dig for treasure. Initially discovered during the Cave Expedition, this cavern was opened up after a rockslide revealed the entrance. Penguins later set up mining equipment, and since then, it was a place to dig for coins.

The mine was very dark, and used a snowball-powered generator to illuminate the cavern. In November 2013, tremors caused this cavern to collapse, and was then sealed off indefinitely.

Dig for coins

Like in the Gold Mine, you could use a Hard Hat, Snow Shovel, Miners Helmet, or Red Construction Hat to dig up coins, by dancing. The maximum amount of coins you could earn was 100 coins. You could not find coins while wearing a Safety Vest.


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