CeCe playercard position

Full Name Cecelia "CeCe" Jones
Species Penguin
Position Dancer
Appeared Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Color Yellow
Clothes Items CeCe's Hair, CeCe Outfit, CeCe Necklace, CeCe Shoes
Related To None
Friends With Rocky, Cadence, Franky, Stompin' Bob, G Billy, Petey K, You (if you add her)
Meetable Character? Formerly
Voiced/ Played By Bella Thorne
Ready to rock, penguins?
— CeCe

CeCe is a character from Disney's television show, "Shake It Up". She visited the island with her best friend, Rocky, during Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. Players can obtain the Rocky and Cece Giveaway by meeting her or Rocky.

CeCe is part of a group of penguins who is helping to create the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam party, along with The Penguin Band, Cadence, and Rocky. It is mentioned by Cadence that CeCe is one of her good friends. She seems to be new to Club Penguin Island and from somewhere else, as she does not know what a puffle is according to her mascot scripts.

She's an outgoing, spontaneous risk taker who is not afraid to try anything once and whose lifelong dream is to become a professional dancer with her BFF, Rocky. This is proven in the TV series when she takes many risks to succeed, but fails. Anyhow, she keeps trying until she succeeds.


CeCe is known to be a girly and funny girl. She loves music and dancing with her best friend Rocky. She has dyslexia, which doesn't allow her to process information as well as others, but she isn't dumb, either. She is a very nice penguin who cares for others.She also is very kind and loves to dance with her BFF (Best friend forever),Rocky.


  • CeCe is seen helping Cadence prepare for her concert along with Rocky in the Club Penguin Times.
  • She apparently is new to Club Penguin Island, as she has hardly any knowledge of it and does not know what a puffle is.
  • She does not have her own stamp because she was only meetable once.
  • On April 25, 2013, CeCe's in-game sprites and player cards have been completely removed from Club Penguin files, meaning she will not come back at any time.
  • Although CeCe was deleted from CP files, when you try typing in her name it will just come up with a penguin wearing similar clothes to her.


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