Changing Rooms
Changing Rooms Gift Shop 2012

The changing rooms in the Clothes Shop.
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Changing rooms
Party N/A
Where? HQ, Sport Shop, Clothes Shop

The Changing Rooms are small chambers for changing clothing. Changing rooms have only ever been located in 2 places, which are the Sport Shop (formerly) and the Clothes Shop. Each changing room has a curtain, and by standing next to it, the main catalog in that room will be visible. The changing room closest to the door in the Sport Shop was an entrance to the HQ.

Entrance to the HQ

Secret Agents used to be able to enter the HQ from the changing room farther to the top left of the Sport Shop. When observed from inside the HQ, it had several locks and security installments. In the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game, at the starting animation, there is a good distance between each door, but there's no space between each door in Secret Missions. If an ordinary penguin attempts to access the HQ this way, the Snow and Sports catalog would show up instead.


  • The curtain of the changing room on the right can be moved by hovering over it.
  • In the Secret Missions, if you want to enter a normal Changing Room, it tells you that you do not need to go into the Changing Rooms right now.
  • Changing rooms can be simulated using furniture items.
  • While it is shown the door to be right behind the curtains, in real life, this would have been a bit strange as it is hard not to spot a door right in front of you.
  • During the Popcorn Explosion, when the Sports Shop was filled with popcorn, when a penguin who is not a secret agent goes to the changing rooms, it says "Nothing to see here".
  • There were lamps hanging over every changing room. The current Clothes Shop, however, lacks this design.
  • Dot's Giveaway features the changing rooms of the Clothes Shop.


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