Cheerful Pumpkin
Cheerful Pumpkin icon
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Available Yes
Type Decorations Item
Member item Yes
Cost 20 coins
ID 251
Internal name CheerfulPumpkin

The Cheerful Pumpkin is a decorations item in Club Penguin Island. Members can buy this item at Igloos & Interiors for 20 coins each.


Location Available from Available until
Igloos & Interiors October 17, 2018 Still available


  • Its description is "A jack-o-lantern that's having a good day".
  • This item can be scaled up to 3.25 times its default size in the igloo editor, more than most other items.

Names in other languages

PortugueseAbóbora FelizUma cabeça de abóbora que está tendo um ótimo dia
FrenchCitrouille joyeuseUne lanterne citrouille qui passe une bonne journée.
SpanishCalabaza felizUna calabaza que está teniendo un buen día

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