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Cheese Pin
Serving temperature Room Temperature
Main ingredients Milk, starter, rennet, and salt
Consumed by Penguins and Puffles

Not to be confused with Stinky Cheese, Cheese 3000, or Cheese Pin.

Cheese is a type of food in Club Penguin that is most often seen in pizzas. When fed to black puffles, they hop up and down.

Cheese 3000[]

  • Gary once made an invention called the Cheese 3000. The only reason given to why he invented it was because he "needed a vacation." It is just normal cheese with ink.


  • Rockhopper loves to eat cheese, specifically Stinky Cheese, according to the "Stinky Cheese" comic.
  • There is a Cheese Pin.
  • At the Hollywood Party, there was a limited edition cheese emote, probably a reference to how you say "cheese" before taking a photo.
  • In a comic, a ninja uses cheese as an element.
  • Rockhopper ate cursed cheese prior to the Inside Out Party, thus making users having to restore his memories by entering his mind.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Queijo
French Le Pinz Fromage
Spanish Queso
German Käse
Russian Сыр

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