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Christmas Party 2008
Christmas Party 2008 Town

The Town during the party

Members only? No
When December 19–29, 2008
Free Item(s) Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Bell
Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

The Christmas Party 2008 was a party that took place during December 19–29, 2008. Almost every room in Club Penguin was decorated, even rooms that weren't usually decorated such as the PSA HQ, Lodge Attic, and the Cave. The Lighthouse had a red bulb just for the party. Even Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator, was decorated. The Mine Shack was turned into a gingerbread house. On the Iceberg, there was a small tree that when clicked, grew larger and larger.

The party, in combination with Rockhopper's presence at the party, the 2nd annual Coins For Change,[1] and the free items available, contributed to most servers becoming full at the party. It was extended just a few days before the celebration.

Free items[]

Image Item Location Members only?
SantaHat Santa Hat Snow Forts No
Santa Beard Santa Beard Ski Village No
Bell Bell Beach and Plaza No

Coins for Change[]

A week before the party, the second Coins for Change program began. Like the first, the penguins who donated received a bell. Three collection booths were placed around the island, one at Plaza, one at the Beach, and one in the Captain's Quarters. It ended on December 22.


  • There was a mistake in the underground pool. In Plaza, the manhole was not removed for the party. However, the ladder was removed from the Underground Pool, which means that penguins could not go back up the manhole.

Snow Storing[]


  • This was the final Christmas party to have the word "Christmas" in the party's name.
  • During the party, there was a snowfall at the Iceberg and the Ski Hill. This is the first time it could ever be seen snowing in Club Penguin.
  • The Bell was only available at the party until Coins for Change ended on December 22, 2008.
  • This was the final Christmas party to have a light sky until the Merry Walrus Party.
  • This would be the last party to give a free non-head or background item to non-members until the Halloween Party 2011.


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