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Clock Tower
New Clock Tower.png
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Located Snow Forts
For other clocks, see Clock (disambiguation). For other towers, see Tower (disambiguation).

The Clock Tower was a large structure located at the Snow Forts which was built by Gary on February 23, 2007. It only told Pacific Standard Time ("Penguin Standard Time"), which was the main time zone used on the Club Penguin Island, to help penguins from varied time zones when holding parties at their igloo or elsewhere. It also told the day of the week.

On the side of the Clock Tower, there was a target that would spin around when hit with a snowball, which hinted that this was the power source for the clock's internal mechanism; however it was just an encouragement for penguins to take interest in the Clock Tower, as it could work properly without the frequent mechanism boost. Below the target was a secret coded message, which said "By G" (Gary). A plaque was located nearby that, when clicked on, would show an engraved message about the Clock Tower's construction and release; it was removed after the Snow Forts renovation on December 6, 2012.

Appearances in missions

  • On April 17, 2008, Herbert P. Bear stole its primary gear, and as a result, it and all other clocks in Club Penguin malfunctioned, due to them being synced to the Clock Tower. As part of PSA Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs, the player had to replace this gear, as well as retrieve a spring and the target, which was launched while the gear was stolen and grabbed by Klutzy, respectively. The spring is frozen in a block of ice in water near the Iceberg, and must be pulled out with a magnet and thawed out with the Test Chamber. The target was taken from Klutzy by two Blue Team players, and must be helped with snowball practice before they give it to the player. The prime gear is instead replaced, with help from a yellow puffle at the Stage using high quality snow from the Snow Forts, and then reinforced with ice from the Test Chamber.
  • In PSA Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors, if the player opens the back of the Earthquake Driller with the Spy Phone's wrench, they can retrieve the stolen prime gear. If this is given to Gary at the end of the mission, he takes it back, and returns it to the Clock Tower after the mission, and gives the player the Cool Gift, containing the replacement gear.
  • In the Penguin at Work mission inClub Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, a construction worker has to spend a lot of time fixing the Clock Tower which caused the player to have to help him finish his other daily jobs.


Card-Jitsu card Description

  • Ready, set, throw snow! Find this snowball-powered clock in the Snow Forts. Throw snowballs at the target to help keep it powered. Just press T on your keyboard and click the red target!


The Clock Tower's plaque




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