Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest

Where In the sky
Opened March 23, 2013
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 433
Tour Description
It's the majestic rainbow puffle!!!!! Best discovery EVER!!!! Must. Tell. Everyone!

The Cloud Forest was a small mass of clouds and electric trees, located high in the sky, where the legendary Rainbow Puffles lived. Due to the sheer distance the forest was off the ground, one could only access it by flight or being launched. The only method of reaching the Cloud Forest was from a cannon on the Puffle Hotel Roof.

After completing a set of Puffle Tasks, members were able to launch from the cannon on the Puffle Hotel's roof, to the Cloud Forest. There, they could adopt a rainbow puffle.

The Cloud Forest was considerably small for a forest, and was composed of both "normal" clouds and what appeared to be thunderclouds, which produced a constant crackling noise. There were a few gray trees with white leaves, which bear fruit. A rainbow river poured down off the side of the forest.


The Cloud Forest was first discovered by the Puffle Handler sometime at the end of February 2013. While exploring The Wilderness, she noticed a strange cloud. In order to reach it, she used a slingshot made of miscellaneous materials to launch herself.[1] She then received the idea to build a cannon for the then-under construction Puffle Hotel, and place it on the roof, to easily access the cloud.

The Cloud Forest was then first accessible on March 23, 2013, during the Puffle Party 2013.


  • Once exited, the player could not return until completing another set of tasks. However, if the player did not adopt a rainbow puffle, then left, they could come back without having to complete tasks again.
  • While in this room, other players could not be seen, like the Everyday Phoning Facility when taking the test (before it was removed).
    • On the Club Penguin App, this was not true however, and other players could be seen.



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFloresta de Nuvens
FrenchForêt de Nuages
SpanishBosque de nubes
RussianОблачный лес

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