Cloud Maker 3000
Cloud Maker 3000
Invented by Gary
Located Ski Hill

The Cloud Maker 3000 was an invention made by Gary, that was placed at the Ski Hill during the Festival of Flight, Puffle Party 2012, and Puffle Party 2013. It converted images into clouds when pressing the button on the machine. There was a tank of water next to the machine that was used to make the clouds. This machine made clouds shaped like various objects and creatures around the Club Penguin Island.

Shapes produced by the Cloud Maker 3000

Shape Image
Cloud Maker 3000 Anvil
Cloud Maker 3000 Puffles
The Migrator
Cloud Maker 3000 Ship
Cloud Maker 3000 Fish
Rubber Duck
Cloud Maker 3000 Duck



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFazedor de Nuvem 3000
FrenchMachine à Nuages 3000
SpanishGenera-nubes 3000
GermanWolkenmacher 3000
Russian N/A

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