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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
CP Elite Penguin Force box art.png
Platform Nintendo DS family
Developer 1st Playable Productions[1]
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios
ESRB rating ESRB Everyone.svg Comic Mischief
Genre Point-And-Click
Date released America: November 25, 2008
Singapore: February 13, 2009
United Kingdom and Ireland: March 13, 2009
Australia and New Zealand: April 16, 2009
Germany: March 8, 2012
Spain: June 29, 2012

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is a Club Penguin game for the Nintendo DS. It uses the Nintendo DS's touchscreen to complete intuitive secret agent missions for the Elite Penguin Force, a higher tier of the PSA, (until its destruction) as well as mini-games based upon Club Penguin itself. The game received mostly positive reviews.[2][3]


On Monday, July 14, 2008, Club Penguin officially announced one of the largest projects the company would probably ever do.[4] They planned to release a special edition of Club Penguin for the Nintendo DS. It was released in North America on November 25, 2008, and in Europe on March 13, 2009. Before the release of the game, they decided the name could be "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force".

Nearly a year after the original release, a collector's edition was released, which contains a 2,500 coin code card, an "EPF" logo stylus, and a DS skin.


The Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Menu.

The Code Card, included in the box.

The gameplay is very similar to the online missions, except that the Touch Screen is used rather than a mouse.

The box contains a small card with a one-time use code printed on it, that, when entered into Unlock Items Online, grants the player a Spy Phone, EPF Certificate, and 1500 coins.

In the game, your penguin is assigned an Elite role ranked superior to the secret agents, an "Elite Penguin Force agent". Players embark on missions utilizing both familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles, and locations to investigate mysterious events on Club Penguin Island. In addition, the game operates with the Nintendo Wi-Fi system, coins that you earn in the DS game could be sent to the online Club Penguin game. Coins can be earned by playing mini games.

A large variety of clothing items can be obtained within the game, usually from the game's catalog, but some can be obtained as rewards for completing various tasks, such as side missions. None of these items can be transferred to online Club Penguin.

Development and data

Release dates

  • The game was released in North and South America on November 25, 2008.
  • The game was released in Singapore on February 13, 2009.
  • The game was released in the UK and Ireland on March 13, 2009.
  • The game was released in Australia and New Zealand on April 16, 2009.
  • The game was released in Germany on March 8, 2012.


A downloaded poll.


Main article: Elite Penguin Force Missions


  1. The Mystery Unfolds: While looking for an issue of the Club Penguin Times, the player takes a quest with an unusual Blue Puffle to gather pieces of a map, each signed by an enigma named D.
  2. Left to Your Own Devices: The player is hired to join a top secret organization called the Elite Penguin Force (EPF). But first takes test with two elite puffles Bouncer and Blast by the Puffle Handler (PH) and takes a questionnaire by the mysterious director and receives a handy spy gadget.
  3. Rookie on the Rocks: The player is sent to occupy the wright board down to the wilderness to recover a missing agent, the rookie.
  4. Looking for Clues: The player learns that they are missing their local gadget inventor, G, and gathers information and clues from nearby residents for the disappearance.
  5. All's Weld that Ends Weld: The Puffle handler introduces another elite puffle, Flare, to fix the key to G's office. The player finds all that's left are some blueprints and a notepad G had been using.
  6. Do It Yourself Carting: The information led the player to the mine. With the help from a miner, the player builds a custom-built cart in order to ride the extreme track to find G stranded at the end.
  7. Double Trouble: The player is sent to find the next elite puffles, Loop, with a lasso that can wrap around moving objects, and Pop, a Purple Puffle that can dance, for the next training assessment, but is interrupted by an earthquake coming from underground.
  8. Flying High Pitched: The player is sent to fly to the tallest mountain with the jet pack flyer to meet PH with a flute-playing Puffle named Chirp and you must use its flute to break the ice cube. You will win a hat. With all elite puffles, the player takes his final Puffle training assessment to gain the award.
  9. Super Secret Gadgets: The player and G work together to build an all new gadget, the Snow Trekker, to follow trails of what is causing havoc around Club Penguin and finds a robot tracking device buried at the Mine Shack.
  10. Damage Control: The player helps the field agents to solve robberies and damages and collects blueprint pages of a scrapbook which tells G that the service robots he had been working on are planning something.
  11. Robotomy 101: The agents block the Gift Shop entrance to corner the first robot, the Wheel-bot. The player uses the elite puffles to disable the robot and deactivates it with G's robotomy deactivating device.
  12. Robots on the Run: The agents clear the Ski Hill to capture and deactivate the rest of the robots, the Snow-bot and the Jet-bot.
  13. An Agent's Work Is Never Done: During a celebration party, a great error sends the agents back to HQ to investigate. The player finds that there is an Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 already built at full size made of pieces of machinery from around Club Penguin. The player rescues G and the caged Puffles and deactivates the monster to save Club Penguin once and for all.

The player is promoted to an ultimate high clearance level by the director for clearing the great climax and saving the entire region of Club Penguin.


  1. A Wrench in the Works
  2. Hide and Seek
  3. Leaning Order of Pizza
  4. The Wrong Orders
  5. Alien Conspiracy
  6. Penguin at Work
  7. Sweet Friend of Mines
  8. Drifting Away
  9. Cause and Effect
  10. Lost and Confused


A downloaded Newsletter and mission.

  1. A special message from Aunt Arctic
  2. The Puffle Pranksters


  1. Spring Scavenger Hunt (April 1–7)
  2. Coconut Harvest (June 20–30)
  3. Fall (October 25–31)
  4. Santa's Little Helper (December 14–25)




Image Character First appearance Description
EPF Aunt Arctic.png
Aunt Arctic Free play before The Mystery Unfolds The editor-in-chief for the Club Penguin Times. She appears at several points in the game to guide the player, or ask them for interviews.
EPF Bouncer.png
Bouncer The Mystery Unfolds The first of the Elite Puffles that the player encounters. Skilled at throwing snowballs.
EPF Dot.png
Dot the Disguise Gal, aka Agent D The Mystery Unfolds An EPF agent and a master of disguise. She recruits the player into the EPF, and frequently works alongside them in missions.
EPF Director.png
The Director Left to Your Own Devices The Director of both the PSA and EPF, leading all agents in Club Penguin, whose identity is unknown. Enlists the player in several missions.
EPF PH.png
Puffle Handler Left to Your Own Devices The top puffle handler in the EPF, and an expert on puffles. She is the training coach of the elite puffles, and helps teach the player how to make use of the puffles' abilities.
EPF Blast.png
Blast Left to Your Own Devices An adventurous elite puffle. He is skilled in launching out of a cannon and destroying objects, such as crates, or pushing things.
EPF Rookie.png
Rookie Rookie on the Rocks An EPF agent that joined around the same time as the player. Tries his best to help, but is not always very successful.
Jet Pack Guy Rookie on the Rocks An EPF agent equipped with a jetpack. He is skilled in flying, so he often patrols the skies.
EPF Flare.png
Flare All's Weld that Ends Weld A somewhat-grumpy elite puffle. He is skilled in lighting a flame, useful for welding objects together or fixing broken things.
EPF Gary.png
Gary the Gadget Guy, aka G Do It Yourself Carting The EPF's genius inventor, who created many inventions, some used by agents and others across the whole island. He created the Test Robots that went rogue and wreaked havoc.
EPF Loop.png
Loop Double Trouble A sporty elite puffle. She is skilled at using a lasso to immobilize moving objects.
EPF Pop.png
Pop Double Trouble An elite puffle that likes to dance. She is skilled at blowing super-strong bubbles that can make even the heaviest of objects near-weightless.
EPF Flit.png
Flit Flying High Pitched An speedy elite puffle that likes to fly. He can retrieve or interact with things that float in the air.
EPF Chirp.png
Chirp Flying High Pitched A whimsical elite puffle that likes music. She is skilled at playing the flute in such a way that it can shatter ice or disrupt electronics.
EPF Wheel-Bot.png
Wheel-Bot Do It Yourself Carting (silhouette)
Robotomy 101
A rogue Test Robot built for strength that stole things from all over the island. It is eventually cornered in the Gift Shop and deactivated with the Robotomy gadget.
EPF Snow-Bot.png
Snow-Bot Super Secret Gadgets (silhouette)
Robots on the Run
A rogue Test Robot built for speed that stole things from all over the island. After it starts to cause problems on the Ski Hill, it is chased down to the wilderness and deactivated, but is rescued by the Jet-Bot.
EPF Jet-Bot.png
Jet-Bot Robots on the Run A rogue Test Robot built for flight that stole things from all over the island. It comes to the Snow-Bot's rescue, and is chased to the top of the Tallest Mountain where it is deactivated.
EPF Ultimate Proto-Bot.png
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 An Agent's Work Is Never Done A "next generation test robot" built by the Test Robots using sketches from Gary's notebook. It captures Gary and the elite puffles and attacks the island in the final mission, but is eventually deactivated as well, putting an end to the robot problems.


Most of these characters are not named in-game. For characters without names, their internal name in the game's code is used instead, indicated by italics. Not all of these characters are referred to with gendered pronouns either, but they are defined in the game's code.

Click [Expand] to display characters
Image Character Appears Description
EPF Barista.png
Coffee Shop Barista Free play, The Mystery Unfolds, A Wrench in the Works, The Wrong Orders, All's Weld that Ends Weld, Super Secret Gadgets, Coconut Harvest A barista that seems to run the Coffee Shop. She provides help to the player a few times, such as with a map piece found at the beginning of the game, or giving them a coffee machine for Gary's Snow Trekker. In The Wrong Orders, she is one of the penguins that had their pizza order delivered to the wrong customer. She hosts a coconut scavenger hunt in late June.
EPF generic penguin Black.png
Generic black penguin Free play A penguin that appears in the Book Room. She laments on how there is not enough time to read so many books, and that she can't find the yearbooks.
Has no role in the story.
EPF DJ penguin.png
DJ Penguin Free play, Double Trouble A DJ in the Night Club. During Double Trouble, she accompanies the player to investigate the noise that came from the Boiler Room. After Pop is used to lift a toppled filing cabinet blocking the door, she stys behind to keep an eye on the bubble.
EPF disco penguin.png
Dancer Free play, Double Trouble A penguin that dances in the Night Club. Talking to him during free play allows the player to play Dance Challenge. During Double Trouble, the player must defeat him in Dance Challenge to win over Pop. After the noise in the Boiler Room, he is too scared and stays behind.
EPF generic penguin Green.png
Generic green penguin Free play A penguin that appears in the Dance Lounge. She is determined to stand there for 30 minutes and become a ninja, after someone told her it would happen.
Has no role in the story.
EPF Gift Shop Owner.png
Gift Shop Owner Free play, Robotomy 101, An Agent's Work Is Never Done, final cutscene The easily-scared owner of the Gift Shop. During Robotomy 101, he is concerned about what the Wheel-Bot is doing to his shop. During An Agent's Work Is Never Done, he is cowering inside after he noticed the Ultimate Proto-Bot outside the window.
EPF Pet Shop clerk.png
Pet Shop Clerk Free play, Hide and Seek, All's Weld that Ends Weld, An Agent's Work Is Never Done, The Puffle Pranksters A clerk that works at the Pet Shop. She takes care of puffles and knows a lot about them, sharing this knowledge with the player in multiple missions.
EPF pizza chef.png
Pizza Chef Free play, Leaning Order of Pizza, The Wrong Orders, Rookie on the Rocks, Looking for Clues, An Agent's Work Is Never Done A chef that works at the Pizza Parlor. The player can help him with pizza deliveries in two optional side missions.
EPF tour guide.png
Tour Guide Free play before The Mystery Unfolds, Lost and Confused A tour guide. Before the player starts the first mission, she appears at the Plaza, and the player can ask her where to find games to play, or the latest news. In Lost and Confused, she gets separated from some tourists while looking for a path to the Mine, and must be rescued with the Snow Trekker. Once the player finds her, the tour resumes, but this time using the Underground Pool to get to the Mine.
EPF generic penguin Aqua.png
Generic aqua penguin Free play A penguin that appears at the Beach. He states it is a "great place to chillax".
Has no role in the story.
EPF sick penguin.png
EPF sick penguin board.png
Sick penguin Free play, Rookie on the Rocks, Santa's Little Helper A snowboarder on the red team that is usually at the Ski Hill. Talking to him during free play allows the player to play Snowboarding. During Rookie on the Rocks, he is too sick to take the trophy back from the blue team. After the player finds the thermos he lost, he gives the player his Pro Board so they can take on Blazer X of the blue team in his place. While the Snow-Bot is at the Ski Hill, he awaits being able to snowboard again. In Santa's Little Helper, he is one of the penguins awaiting a present.
EPF Sport Shop clerk.png
Sport Shop Clerk Free play, Rookie on the Rocks, Looking for Clues, Cause and Effect A clerk that works at the Sport Shop. During Rookie on the Rocks, she can be asked about snowboards that can handle rough terrain. In Looking for Clues, if the player asks her about Gary, she gives the player Gary's old glasses. In Cause and Effect, the player helps her with a broken cabinet.
EPF generic penguin Red.png
Generic red penguin Free play A penguin that appears in the Boiler Room. He remarks that the room is cozy and warm.
Has no role in the story.
EPF coin counting penguin.png
Coin counting penguin The Mystery Unfolds, The Wrong Orders, final cutscene A penguin that is often counting coins. In The Mystery Unfolds, the player can ask her about the blue puffle and map piece they found. In The Wrong Orders, she is one of the penguins that had their pizza order delivered to the wrong customer.
EPF Snowball Crew blue.png
EPF Snowball Crew red.png
The Snowball Crew The Mystery Unfolds (blue only), The Wrong Orders, All's Weld that Ends Weld, The Puffle Pranksters Two penguins that love snowball fights and are friends with Flare. In The Mystery Unfolds, the player helps the blue penguin retrieve his hat. In All's Weld that Ends Weld, they help make a card for Flare. In The Wrong Orders, they are two of the penguins that had their pizza order delivered to the wrong customer. In The Puffle Pranksters, the red penguin gives the player a water balloon after he finishes fixing the snow fort.
EPF yellow penguin.png
Yellow penguin The Mystery Unfolds, Leaning Order of Pizza, Looking for Clues A penguin that likes to gaze at the sea and sky. In The Mystery Unfolds, the player can ask him, at the Dock, about the blue puffle and map piece they found. In Looking for Clues, he can be asked if he saw Gary recently, and he says Gary helps them fix the intricate part of the Hydro Hopper, implying he is involved with the boat. In Leaning Order of Pizza, he is one of the penguins that ordered a pizza.
EPF agent green.png
Agent Free play, An Agent's Work Is Never Done, Santa's Little Helper An agent that usually hangs out in the HQ. She "tries to look official whenever possible", as "it's hard to tell who's an agent sometimes". In Santa's Little Helper, she is one of the penguins awaiting a present.
EPF construction worker.png
Construction worker Free play (after The Mystery Unfolds), A Wrench in the Works, Penguin at Work, Double Trouble, Damage Control, final cutscene A construction worker that helps fix various things around the island. The player can help him in two optional side missions. In Double Trouble, he tries to stop a jackhammer from destroying a set at the Stage. In Damage Control, he surveys the hole in the wall at the Night Club.
EPF puffle owner.png
Puffle owner Free play (after The Mystery Unfolds), Hide and Seek A penguin that owns one of each of the seven colors of puffles. After the puffles all decide to hide, she asks the Pet Shop clerk for help, but the player steps in and goes to find them.
EPF miner.png
Miner Leaning Order of Pizza, Do It Yourself Carting, Super Secret Gadgets A miner that speaks in a stereotypical cowboy fashion, using phrases such as "howdy" and "partner". He is very knowledgeable about the history of the Mine and mine carts, giving the player advice on how to build a sturdy card in Do It Yourself Carting. In Super Secret Gadgets, after following a chocolate trail that ended at the Mine Shack, the player meets him again, whose favorite shovel had just been stolen. In Leaning Order of Pizza, he is one of the penguins that ordered a pizza.
EPF pool penguin.png
Pool penguin Leaning Order of Pizza A penguin that is holding a pizza party in the Underground Pool. She is one of the penguins that ordered a pizza.
EPF guitar penguin.png
Guitar guy Leaning Order of Pizza, Santa's Little Helper In Leaning Order of Pizza, she is one of the penguins that ordered a pizza. In Santa's Little Helper, she is one of the penguins awaiting a present.
EPF confused penguin.png
Confused penguin Free play (after The Mystery Unfolds), Alien Conspiracy A penguin that asks the player for help to solve the mystery of strange markings (codes) in the Forest and other rooms. In the end, he reveals this was all to test the player's skills, and then tests them to see if they understood all the messages.
EPF Blazer X.png
Blazer X Rookie on the Rocks, free play (before Robots on the Run), Santa's Little Helper A boastful snowboarder on the blue team. During Rookie on the Rocks, he tells the player about his encounter with Rookie before he went missing. He has recently won a trophy from the red team, and has to be challenged in Snowboarding to reclaim the trophy for the red team, in order for the sick penguin to let the player have his Pro Board. In Santa's Little Helper, he is one of the penguins awaiting a present.
EPF mines penguin.png
Mines penguin Free play (after Do It Yourself Carting), Sweet Friend of Mines A penguin who is concerned about the new "extreme" Cart Surfer track, that asks the player to be sure its safe. He waits outside for the player to clear the track, and once they do, he is impressed and relieved that the track is safe, and is determined to be the "best cart surfer ever".
EPF Loop fan.png
Loop's #1 fan Double Trouble The self-proclaimed #1 fan of Loop, and a fan of rhythmic gymnastics, finding Loop's skills to be unmatched by other puffles. She is friends with the goalie.
EPF goalie.png
Goalie Double Trouble, Cause and Effect A goalie that appears to be on the red team, boasting of their "awesome" defense. In Double Trouble, he claims to be able to deflect anything, even snowballs, and that only those with great teamwork can break through his defense. With Bouncer, the player can "score a goal" against him which impresses Loop enough to get her to train with the player. In Cause and Effect, the player helps him break ice encasing on of the Ice Rink's goals.
EPF Stage manager.png
Stage manager Double Trouble The manager of the Stage. She goes into distress when a rogue jackhammer is destroying the set at the Stage, but lets the player pick out one costume from the Costume Trunk after they stop the jackhammer with Loop.
EPF party bouncer.png
Bouncer Double Trouble A strict bouncer for the fancy party held in the Night Club. He only allows the player to join the party if they are wearing fancy clothes and are with a pink puffle.
EPF waiting penguin.png
Waiting penguin Double Trouble A penguin waiting outside the Night Club for his friend to bring him some dancing clothes for the fancy party. He says he likes to wear the Gamma Gal Costume and "light up the dance floor" with a Plasma Glow Wave.
EPF jacket penguin 1.png
EPF jacket penguin 2.png
Missing jacket penguin Cause and Effect A penguin that lost her jacket in the snow at the Iceberg, and is cold without it. Once the player uncovers it with the Mechano-duster and brings it to her, she is thankful.
EPF scarf penguin 1.png
EPF scarf penguin 2.png
Lost scarf penguin Cause and Effect A penguin that lost her scarf. She searched all over for it, but did not think to look at the Ski Hill, where the player found it. The player helping other penguins are what led her to the player, who returns the missing scarf.
EPF boat penguin.png
Lost boats penguin Free play (after Flying High Pitched), Drifting Away A penguin that lost his boats because the wind blew them away. Once the player retrieves all three with help from Flit, they are returned to him.
EPF tourist Aqua.png
EPF tourist Black.png
Tourists Free play (after Super Secret Gadgets), Lost and Confused A pair of tourists that were on a tour in the Forest, when their guide went missing while looking for a path to the Mine. Once the player finds the tour guide, the tour resumes, but this time using the Underground Pool to get to the Mine.
EPF agent blue.png
Agent An Agent's Work Is Never Done An agent stationed at the Plaza that keeps civilians away from the Ultimate Proto-Bot, after he was given orders by the Director.
EPF Santa.png
Santa Claus Santa's Little Helper Santa Claus, who is worried that Christmas will be ruined because his sleigh broke down, making him unable to deliver presents. The player can help deliver the Christmas presents for him.

Regional variations

  • There is no code card in the UK version's box. Instead, there is a sticker with the code on the plastic wrapping.
  • The DGamer feature is not available on the UK version.
  • The UK version has a Mic. option not found in the American release. It was later added for the 2009 bundle.
  • The DGamer feature isn't available in the German version either. There's a Mic. option instead.


  • During its first week, it was the number 1 Nintendo DS game in sale, surpassing various Nintendo games and being in 5th place of Amazon video game sales, both during and after Black Friday.[5]
  • In December 2008, the game was announced to be the 4th most popular Nintendo DS game during the week of its release.
  • In April 2009, the game won an ELAN award for best handheld game.[6]
  • In the announcement of the sequel, Disney also mentioned that the game sold 1.5 million copies in 15 months.
  • The game helped 1st Playable Productions go to place 39 in Develop100 during the 2010 issue.[7]


On May 25, 2010, a sequel named Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge was released. The sequel follows the plot left by online missions.


  • A penguin in the Dance Lounge says "Someone told me if I stood in the Dojo for thirty minutes, I'd become a ninja. Do you think that's true?". This is a reference to Sensei's joke that if someone stood in the Dojo for half an hour, they would become a ninja.
  • There is a reference to Pixar Animation Studios in the HQ. If the lamp on the desk is touched, it bounces like Luxo Jr., the lamp in the Pixar logo shown in the opening of every Disney/Pixar movie.
  • As of May 20, 2010, the game was no longer required to become an EPF agent in online Club Penguin, as the EPF became the only agency following the PSA's termination.
  • This was Dot's first appearance.
    • On page 10 of the game's manual, she is shown with a different design, having a black wig instead of a blonde one.
  • Every translatable Tic-Tac-Toe Code message in the game reads "SECRET" until the player scans them with the Spy Gadget, revealing the true message in the translating interface.
  • Neil Hooson illustrated the game's box art.
  • The game contains unused text for a "book all about Club Penguin" which would have been accessed in a manner similar to minigames, such as Jet Pack Adventure. It describes Club Penguin's history:
Club Penguin Island is a snow-covered wonderland located at the bottom of the world.
It is here that many penguins live, play games and have amazing adventures.
Nobody knows exactly when penguin settlers began to arrive or where they came from.
It is widely believed that prehistoric snails inhabited the island many, many years before.
One thing is for sure, in the years since their arrival the penguins have worked hard to make the island into a happy and welcoming home.
Today the island boasts many interesting sites like the Town, the Plaza or the Ice Rink.
It is also the home of a variety of wildlife including crabs, fish and the very unique puffles which some penguins adopt as pets.
Working together the penguins accomplish challenging tasks that range from organizing seasonal events to investigating mysteries.
And so the penguins of this antarctic oasis will continue to waddle on, with lots of interesting things to do and to discover."


Main article: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force/Music


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French Club Penguin: Force d'Élite
Spanish Club Penguin: Cuerpo de Pingüinos de Elite
German Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Russian N/A


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