The Party Starts Now!
Club Penguin book
Artist Cadence, Penguin Band
Released February 12, 2013
December 18, 2014 (Russian)
Performed Night Club, Night Club Rooftop, The Migrator, Ice Rink, Haunted Mansion, Plaza, Puffle Hotel, Igloo
Genre Pop
Runtime 15:47
Not to be confused with The Party Starts Now.

Club Penguin: The Party Starts Now! is a CD album, that was released by Walt Disney Records on February 12, 2013. It is the first album for Club Penguin Shorts. The album contains the first five songs by Cadence and the Penguin Band, as well as the Dubstep Puffle song. It can be purchased digitally from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and physically in most stores.


  • It comes with a code to unlock the Bling Bling Necklace.
  • It contains almost all of Club Penguin's original soundtracks.
  • It is the first Club Penguin album.
  • It contains 6 pages which will have the lyrics written on them.
  • The Digital Booklet Contains contains 9 pages. That includes the cover page, 6 lyrics pages, 1 PB words to fans page and 1 Page with steps on how to unlock the Bling Bling Necklace item.
  • You can also listen to this album on Spotify.
  • Anchors Aweigh wasn't translated into Russian. Because of that, it was replaced by Best Day Ever in Russian album.


  1. The Party Starts Now
  2. Anchors Aweigh
  3. Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
  4. Cool In The Cold
  5. Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)
  6. Dubstep Puffle



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