Club Penguin High 3
CP HP 008

Plot The film involves the school Penguin High, with a basketball game going on.
Dates February 14th
Characters Cheerleaders,
Basketball Team,
Science Teacher,
Music Music
Background Club Penguin High Background

Penguin High 3 was a film in Club Penguin. Many penguins helped to film and direct it at the Penguin High 3 Set at the Snow Forts. Cadence is one of the penguins who helped make it as the dance coach. It is the only movie non-members could help film and direct. It is the first film in a penguin's quest to become a superstar.


The plot that can be taken from the set appears very similar to that of some of the final scenes in the original High School Musical, in the Science Classroom, the Hallway, and the Gym, lacking only the Theater. It is most likely dramatic and a musical.


  • The title of the film implies that there were two movies about Penguin High before this one, making Penguin High a series.
  • Many penguins think it may be a parody of Disney's High School Musical franchise, specifically the third film in the series.
  • Cadence is a fan of this film.
  • Penguins have to dance in the classroom, hallway, and gymnasium sets in order to complete filming for this movie.


The Club Penguin Times critics gave Club Penguin High 3 a positive review.

A group of penguins work towards their dreams. The music is brilliant, the dancing inspirational. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll split your pants breakdancing.


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