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Club Penguin Island
Map June 2015
Government Type Independent
Government Elite Penguin Force, Club Penguin Police Department, Club Penguin Fire Department
Time Active October 24, 2005 - November 15, 2012

December 6, 2012 - March 30, 2017

Currency Coins

Tickets (during The Fair)
Scare Points (during the Monsters University Takeover)
Candy (during the Halloween Party 2013)
Meteor Points (during the Future Party)

Major Locations Town Center, Lighthouse exterior, Plaza, Clock Tower, Tallest Mountain
Minor Locations None
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles, and many other species
This article is about the island of Club Penguin. Not to be confused with the game of the same name.

Club Penguin Island was the area where the whole game of Club Penguin took place. The island was surrounded by two oceans, Clam Waters and Soda Seas. Penguins were the main species of the island, along with puffles, fish, crabs and other animals. They built streets, igloos, buildings, and other structures.


Ancient Times[]

The ancient history of Club Penguin Island was mentioned/seen in some parties, such as Prehistoric Party 2013, 2014 and 2016, Medieval Party 2013 and at the Museum during the Muppets World Tour.

Prehistoric Period[]

During prehistoric times, (around 65 million years ago, according to Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party), dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Pteranodon (actually not a dinosaur, but a pterosaur) inhabited the island, as did cave-penguins (most notably Garugg the Ugg Ugg) and Dinosaur Puffles. It was covered in dense jungle, dinosaur fossils, and dirt, with no snow, and all of the buildings were made of rock. This time period was visited in the Prehistoric Parties using the Time Trekker 3000. Locations on the island at this time included the Tree Place (modern-day Snow Forts), Stony Town (modern-day Town Center), Yum Yum (modern-day Coffee Shop), Stone Salon (modern-day Clothes Shop), Fancy Plaza (modern-day Plaza and previously known as the Dino Nests), Rocky's Pizza (modern-day Pizza Parlor), Big Water Place (modern-day Beach and Dock), Yuck Swamp, Tricera Town, Tyranno Town (modern-day Mine Shack), Hunting Spot (modern-day Forest), Ptero Town (modern-day Cove), Scary Ice (modern-day Iceberg), Volcano Entrance, and Volcano (modern-day Volcano).

Prehistoric Party 2013 Stony Town

Stony Town, bearing similarities to the present-day Town

Medieval Period[]

In May 2012, Club Penguin Times stated that the island in medieval times was divided into 5 kingdoms (one of them existed in the sky). The penguins lived peacefully until a dragon rose and cursed the kingdoms and then declared himself the king. The penguins later defeated the dragon and united into one nation. That dragon was Scorn the Dragon King, meaning that he is a big part of island history.

Present Day & Expansion[]

Club Penguin Times Issue 1 Featured Area

History of the Town Center, shown in issue #1 of The Penguin Times newspaper

After those events in the Mesozoic and Medieval Ages, Club Penguin Island was not very populated. The Town Center was first constructed just before the Great Blizzard of 877 AD by a tribe of snails which originally inhabited the island. When the sudden snow forced the snails to migrate to warmer lands, penguins began to populate the island more. The island became far more populated, and there was a Beta Test Party. Since then, the island has grown and changed in many ways, mostly in the form of new rooms, and rooms changing due to The Journey starting in November 2012.

In 2005, when Club Penguin began Beta Testing on August 22, the island was very small. Only the Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Night Club, Gift Shop, Ice Rink, Dock, Ski Village, HQ, and the Dojo were accessible. On September 12, the Snow Forts were added. The Dance Lounge was later added on the day of the Beta Test Party, September 21. On November 3, the Sport Shop opened in the Ski Village, and the Mountain opened 15 days later after the release of new Sled Racing runs. At the beginning of the Christmas Party 2005 on December 22, the Ski Lodge opened in the Ski Village next to the Sport Shop. By the end of 2005, a total of 15 rooms were accessible on the island.

Club Penguin Island rough sketch

A rough sketch created by Club Penguin designers

Another ought skech

Another rough sketch of the island with less buildings

In 2006, Club Penguin expanded dramatically and nearly doubled in size. On February 24, the Plaza and Pizza Parlor were opened for members and then later to non-members 3 days later. On March 17, the Pet Shop opened in the Plaza and puffles became ready for adoption. On March 29, the Iceberg was discovered and the HQ was expanded. On April 27, after the release of Find Four, the Lodge Attic opened above the Ski Lodge. A month later on May 26, penguins began excavating the underground and the Boiler Room, Cave, Mine, and the Mine Shack opened to members; then to non-members 3 days later. On June 16, the Beach opened to the left of the Dock to celebrate the start of the Summer Party. In September, after having a fund-raiser and finding a light bulb, the Lighthouse and Beacon opened at the Beach on the 22nd. By the end of 2006, a total of 27 rooms were accessible on the island.

In 2007, 3 new rooms were added to Club Penguin. In May, a couple of lost penguins discovered an uninhabited beach. After penguins found the lost map, the Forest and Cove opened to the right of the Plaza on May 18 & 25 respectively. On August 31, the Sport Shop was given a makeover to make it more sporty. In November, the tables in the Plaza were removed and the Stage opened in between the Pet Shop and Pizza Parlor on the 16th of that month. By the end of 2007, a total of 30 rooms were accessible on the island.

In 2008, 3 new rooms opened on the island. On November 3, after lightning hit the Dojo, it revealed the Dojo exterior and penguins helped to dig it out. 11 days later, Sensei revealed himself and opened the Dojo Courtyard. The Ninja Hideout was added on the 17th in conjunction with Card-Jitsu. Then a filing cabinet that led to the Command Room was added in the HQ after the debut of the EPF on the 25th. By the end of 2008, there was a total of 33 rooms.

In 2009, 2 new rooms were added. On April 1, during the April Fools' Party 2009, the Box Dimension was opened. Penguins have to access it with the aid of a Portal Box. In September, the volcano began to erupt smoke. After the volcano died down two months later, construction began in the volcano and in the Ninja Hideout. After it finished, the Fire Dojo opened to members on November 24. By the end of 2009, there was a total of 35 rooms.

2010 was a mixed year for Club Penguin. 8 new rooms were added, and 3 rooms were lost. On January 22, after the Cave Expedition, the Cave Mine and Hidden Lake opened in the Mine and March 15, the Underwater Room opened to members. On April 22, to celebrate Earth Day, penguins added a community garden to the Mine Shack, and the Recycling Plant was opened. May was a big month for Club Penguin. Herbert P. Bear destroyed the HQ, Sport Shop, and Command Room with a popcorn bomb. After the incident and the popcorn were cleaned up, these rooms were closed and removed permanently on May 25. The Stadium was also renovated, where it would host soccer during the summer months and ice hockey during the winter months according to the season in the Northern Hemisphere. Construction then began in the Ski Village and the Everyday Phoning Facility opened 2 days later where the Sport Shop was located. The EPF Command Room was also released on that day but it was still under construction. Construction completed on June 10 and VR Room opened below the Everyday Phoning Facility. On the evening of October 28, a great storm hit Club Penguin and it lasted longer than other storms, even after the Halloween Party 2010 ended. It then started to rain from November 10–15. After that, Sensei began construction in the waterfall. After the storm, the Water Dojo opened to members on the 16th. By the end of 2010, a total of 40 rooms were accessible on the island.

In 2011, there were no new rooms; however, 2 rooms were renovated. On March 8, the Pet Shop got a new look. Then on March 22, the Dance Lounge was renovated to look more like an arcade. Both rooms were renovated so that they could have a more "modern" look.

In 2012, once again there were no new rooms, however, many rooms were given serious renovation and 1 room was lost. On July 4, during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012 the Book Room was changed and served as the office of the Club Penguin Times. Then on August 30, to celebrate the release of Smoothie Smash, the Coffee Shop was given a major makeover to look like a more modern coffee shop. On November 1, as a part of The Journey, the Pizza Parlor, Clothes Shop, and Dance Club were given new, modern looks. Then came the darkest time of Club Penguin. During Operation: Blackout on November 15, Herbert destroyed the Everyday Phoning Facility leaving it in rubble and completely destroyed the VR Room and it was closed permanently. On December 6, after Herbert P. Bear's defeat, the Town, Dock, Ski Village, Beach, Snow Forts, and the Plaza were given new updated looks. By the end of 2012, 39 rooms were accessible on the Club Penguin island.

In 2013, 6 rooms were added and 2 rooms were lost. At the start of the Puffle Party 2013 on March 21, the Puffle Hotel, made up of the Lobby, Spa, and Roof, opened in the Plaza, allowing penguins to pamper and play with their furry puffle friends. The Cloud Forest also opened to adopt the newly discovered Rainbow Puffle. On May 23, the Ninja Hideout was removed and the Dojo and Dojo Courtyard received


The island as seen in a Muppets World Tour log-in screen

renovations. The Snow Dojo was also opened for players to start training to become Snow Ninjas. Then on July 11, the Club Penguin University was opened at the Mine Shack. The Recycling Plant was removed and the Mine Shack was renovated to hold it. In September after the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam ended, the Cove was given a new design. And, then on November 14, 2013, the Mine and Cave Mine were given new looks. By the end of 2013, 43 rooms were accessible on the Club Penguin island.

In 2014, 2 new rooms were added. The Puffle Park opened behind the Plaza and to the right of the Snow Forts. Then, on September 18, 2014, a new room called the Skatepark was added next to the School. The Ski Hill, Forest, and EPF Command Room got new designs. Then, when the Penguin Cup ended the design for the Stadium that was used during the party, was used as a permanent design. By the end of 2014, 45 rooms were accessible on the Club Penguin island.

In 2015, 2 rooms were added and 1 room was lost. In March, the Puffle Wild opened behind the Ski Lodge and the Ski Lodge and Lodge Attic were also given new designs. Then on June 4, the Mall permanently replaced the Stage. By the end of 2015, 46 rooms were accessible on the Club Penguin island.

There were 46 accessible rooms on the island. If the 4 rooms on the Migrator are included, then there were 50 accessible rooms.

Room Chart Breakdown by Year[]

The following is a chart visualization that breaks down when Club Penguin added, renovated or removed rooms from the game. Press Expand to view.

Rooms in Club Penguin
Room Name Date Opened Renovated Date Closed
Town August 22, 2005 December 6, 2012 March 30, 2017
Coffee Shop August 30, 2012 March 30, 2017
Book Room June 14, 2012 March 30, 2017
Night Club November 1, 2012 March 30, 2017
Gift Shop November 1, 2012 March 30, 2017
Ice Rink December 20, 2010 March 30, 2017
Dock December 6, 2012 March 30, 2017
Ski Village December 6, 2012 March 30, 2017
HQ March 29, 2006 May 27, 2010
Dojo May 23, 2013 March 30, 2017
Snow Forts September 12, 2005 December 6, 2012 March 30, 2017
Dance Lounge September 21, 2005 March 22, 2011 March 30, 2017
Sport Shop November 3, 2005 August 31, 2007 May 27, 2010
Mountain November 18, 2005 January 23, 2014 March 30, 2017
Ski Lodge December 22, 2005 March 18, 2015 March 30, 2017
2005 total: 15 rooms 0 renovations No rooms closed
Plaza February 24, 2006 December 6, 2012 March 30, 2017
Pizza Parlor November 1, 2012 March 30, 2017
Pet Shop March 17, 2006 March 8, 2011 March 30, 2017
Iceberg March 29, 2006 N/A March 30, 2017
Lodge Attic April 27, 2006 March 18, 2015 March 30, 2017
Boiler Room May 26, 2006 N/A March 30, 2017
Cave N/A March 30, 2017
Mine November 13, 2013 March 30, 2017
Mine Shack May 29, 2006 July 11, 2013 March 30, 2017
Beach June 16, 2006 December 6, 2012 March 30, 2017
Lighthouse September 22, 2006 N/A March 30, 2017
Beacon N/A March 30, 2017
Migrator October 13, 2006 N/A March 30, 2017
2006 total: 13 new rooms 1 renovation No rooms closed
Ship Hold April 27, 2007 N/A March 30, 2017
Forest May 18, 2007 January 23, 2014 March 30, 2017
Cove May 25, 2007 September 5, 2013 March 30, 2017
Stage November 16, 2007 N/A June 4, 2015
2007 total: 4 new rooms 1 renovation No rooms closed
Captain's Quarters April 28, 2008 N/A March 30, 2017
Crow's Nest N/A March 30, 2017
Dojo Courtyard November 3, 2008 May 23, 2013 March 30, 2017
Ninja Hideout November 17, 2008 N/A May 23, 2013
Command Room November 28, 2008 N/A May 27, 2010
2008 total: 5 new rooms 0 renovations No rooms closed
Box Dimension April 1, 2009 N/A March 30, 2017
Fire Dojo November 13, 2009 N/A March 30, 2017
2009 total: 2 new rooms 0 renovations No rooms closed
Cave Mine January 22, 2010 N/A November 7, 2013
Hidden Lake N/A March 30, 2017
Underwater March 15, 2010 N/A March 30, 2017
Recycling Plant April 21, 2010 N/A July 11, 2013
Everyday Phoning Facility May 27, 2010 August 8, 2013 March 30, 2017
EPF Command Room March 6, 2014 March 30, 2017
VR Room June 10, 2010 N/A November 15, 2012
Water Dojo November 16, 2010 N/A March 30, 2017
2010 total: 8 new rooms 1 renovation 3 rooms closed
2011 total: No new rooms 2 renovations No rooms closed
2012 total: No new rooms 11 renovations 1 room closed
Puffle Hotel Lobby March 21, 2013 N/A March 30, 2017
Puffle Hotel Spa N/A March 30, 2017
Puffle Hotel Roof N/A March 30, 2017
Cloud Forest March 23, 2013 N/A March 30, 2017
Snow Dojo May 23, 2013 N/A March 30, 2017
School July 11, 2013 N/A March 30, 2017
Gold Mine November 14, 2013 N/A March 30, 2017
2013 total: 7 new rooms 6 renovations 3 rooms closed
Puffle Park April 17, 2014 N/A March 30, 2017
Skatepark September 18, 2014 N/A March 30, 2017
2014 total: 2 new rooms 3 renovations No rooms closed
Puffle Wild March 25, 2015 N/A March 30, 2017
Mall June 4, 2015 N/A March 30, 2017
2015 total: 2 new rooms 2 renovations 1 room closed

Future Period (4014)[]

Not much is known about the future of Club Penguin Island, however, by the year 4014, Club Penguin Island has been mostly destroyed, as revealed in the Future Party. This happened presumably because of thousands of asteroids crashing down onto the island, due to the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000's attack. The only places that are left on Club Penguin Island in the future are the Town Center, Snow Forts, Dock, and Beach. Some mountains and other areas still appear to exist in the future, however, none of these areas are populated anymore. Penguins from the future traveled back to 2014 during the Future Party and said they enjoyed seeing old things that do not exist anymore, like the Plaza, as revealed in the Club Penguin Times. In the future, the Elite Penguin Force also becomes more advanced and go on missions all over the galaxy, renamed as the Extra-Planetary Federation, with the aid of Gary 3000 and his inventions, the Robos. Their headquarters and training facility is the Space Academy, which is the Lighthouse in the future.

Versions of the Island[]

Club Herbert[]

Main article: Club Herbert

When Herbert P. Bear took over the island on November 15, 2012, which commenced Operation: Blackout, and he removed all unnecessary and turned the sky dark using his Solar Laser, causing a huge background over the island. With no sun, it caused a snowstorm, burying many buildings in snow. Herbert desperately tried to turn the island into his own image. Herbert and his Crab army were the main center of government in Club Herbert. He builds a fortress for himself as his headquarters, sets the Everyday Phoning Facility on fire, and bans parties and free party items. He also presents a play at the Stage, called My Awesome Life - The Herbert Story.

Club Herbert

Club Herbert

During Operation: Blackout, Herbert announced in the Club Herbert Times that the Coins for Change party would be renamed to Coins For Herbert. The next party he announced is The Quiet Party, and the last party he announced is The Polar Bear Party. These parties hit more of Herbert's personality (of him being grouchy and vain). The island became Club Penguin again on December 6 that same year, after Herbert's defeat on November 24.


Club Penguin Island was a city during these parties, with many city-themed elements. Super Heroes defended the city during these battles, as well as the Elite Penguin Force and Club Penguin Police Department, who governed the island.

On June 7, 2012, a Purple Super Hero Meteorite had crashed into the Dock. The damage was minimal, and no one was hurt. No penguin knew the powers the meteor possessed. Gary the Gadget Guy had been reading the energy from the meteor, and said that its power could be very dangerous. In the next week, many penguins received strange super powers from this meteor, and while some chose to use its power for good, others used it for the path of evil. The tables turned when the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 had its powers restored and sought revenge on the Elite Penguin Force. In spite of this, he gathered Super Villains effected by the meteor to assist in his evil plans. Work on a colossal robot began. This robot was Destructobot. On June 1, the damage had been done. Destructobot had been wreaking havoc on the island, and villains gained the upper hand. The Super Hero teams such as The Avengers worked closely with the Club Penguin Police Department, and the Elite Penguin Force, to put a stop to the growing rate of crime on Club Penguin Island. Suddenly, on July 4, Destructobot had fallen, and the meteor's energy had faded away. The parts of Destructobot were then taken into EPF custody.

Crystals appear on the island mysteriously in April 2013, giving penguins powers. While some choose to use it for good, others choose use it to cause mass destruction. Its powers restored by the crystals, Ultimate Protobot 10,000, and The Mandarin as his second-in-command, lead an army of robots to destroy the city, as revenge for the defeat of Destructobot on April 25 during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013. Other Super Villains also join him in his quest to take over Club Penguin Island. Their plan is to turn Club Penguin Island into an advanced technological metropolis, inhabited completely by robots. The Elite Penguin Force will be finished, and Protobot would use its technology. Puffles, games, and pizza would be removed. All penguins would be turned into robots (Ironically including the super villains that assisted UP10K). Herbert and Klutzy would be forced to leave (possibly the only good thing that UP10K would do).



Super Hero teams such as The Avengers, as well as agencies like the EPF and the Club Penguin Police Department, are called into battle once again to defend the city, and new heroes also appear and offer to help defeat the robot army. Heroes gather at the Hero Carrier to hear orders and come up with battle tactics. Tony Stark (Iron Man)'s home, Stark Tower, is used a hangout and lab area, where scientists work on new Iron Man armor to use in the fight for justice. Meanwhile, Protobot and his minions are building robots in the Villain HQ to cause mass destruction to the island. On May 9, good once again triumphed over evil and peace was restored.


Lothal was the version of the island that appeared at the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, based on the planet in the Outer Rim Territories of the Star Wars universe. It was under the Imperial occupation.


Club Penguin Island was probably placed somewhere near Antarctica. Some people claim it to be Penguin Island (just off King George's Island). Rockhopper Island is rumored to be Christmas Island, off the coast of Western Australia. This is unlikely as it would take months and months to go to Penguin Island from there, even in a clipper ship such as the Migrator.


Club Penguin Island from space

Factors that point to Penguin Island[]

  • Penguin Island has one of the highest penguin populations in the world; hence the massive amount of players registered.
  • The Iceberg on the Map of Club Penguin Island resembles an iceberg that has been floating off the coast of Penguin Island for years.
  • In the Tips 'N Tricks section of the Game Manual from Club Penguin: Game Day! – it says: "How does a penguin get from place to place on Penguin Island?"
  • However, in We Wish You a Merry Walrus, the monitors in Sergei's space ship appear to position the island somewhere near the center of Antarctica. This is despite the fact that the Club Penguin Island is supposed to be relatively small, and surrounded by water.


  • Club Penguin Island is rumored to be very small, because of how it shows the island at the beginning in the Club Penguin short Best Seat In The House.


The Island[]

CP Island Zoom Out

The island in We Wish You a Merry Walrus

The Island mostly consists of explored areas, and there is a settlement in the coastal as well as the central parts of the island. In the north of the island, there is a Mountain Range which has lots of mountains. It starts from the Ski Hill and expands till it reaches the Cove Hill. Among the mountains, there is also a Volcano in the range. The island also has rich gems and coin collection as well as buried gold, as lots of them are mined at the Gold Mine. The island has lot of trees, and there is a tree maze located in the Wilderness. A river begins at the Waterfall in the north end of the mountain and flows until it ends in the Frozen Lake. There is also a lake located in the south of the island.

The island also had a cave which was inhabited by Herbert P. Bear until he moved to another area. The island also has lots of Underground Tunnels, which were also dug by Herbert P. Bear.

Even though this island is cold and covered in snow, the island still is fertile and it could grow crops, like the ones in the Community Garden.


"How do you find out the weather on top of a mountain? You climate!" - Joke from the Club Penguin Joke Book

Club Penguin Island's climate is extremely cold, and it is always covered in snow. As seen in the comic section of the website, the Club Penguin Times does not include weather reports because it is always cold. The only exception was during June 12–16, 2009, when the Adventure Party turned Club Penguin into a tropical island or in October 1–8, 2009, when Sensei said: Stay ready. Look at the mountains, and watch for changes on the wind. On October 2, 2009, it could be seen that the smoke of the Volcano suddenly went to the left because of the wind. During the Halloween Parties, the skies darken, probably due to cloud cover and a Solar Eclipse. During the time, aurora is visible. However, rumored that it was a solar Eclipse, but it does not match up as the longest eclipses last for a few hours. Also, when the skies turned fiery orange, it could be because of desert winds that get caught up in jet streams and get carried over to Club penguin.



Several animals inhabit the island, the majority of them being penguins. Other animals include crabs, worms, jellyfish, Seastar, sharks, mullets, grey fish, yellow fish (which conform a large part of the feeding of the penguin population), clams (most notably Giant Clam off the northeast coast), corals, shrimp, squids, an octopus, a lone polar bear, giant squid, a giant puffer fish, and puffles (which have been domesticated and can be adopted as pets, though some different species of wild ones still remain in the wilderness).


Due to the extremely cold climate of the area, the flora of the island is limited to pine trees, seaweed, and O' Berry bushes. During summer, mostly in Adventure Parties, palm trees, ferns, bushes, cacti, fruit trees and a Snowball Eating Plant grew. After the establishment of the Community Garden, various plants like Pizza Plant grew and a tree called the Community Tree was also planted, which soon reached its peak size.

Natural Disasters[]

Main article: List of Disasters in Club Penguin

The island has experienced various disasters, like storms, blizzards, a flood, an earthquake etc.




Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Ilha Club Penguin
French Île de Club Penguin
Spanish Isla de Club Penguin

Geographic location[]