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Club Penguin Police Department
Founded June 14, 2012
Status Active
Leader Unknown
Headquarters Police Station
Alias(es) CPPD
I am glad I joined the CPPD. Now I help bring bad guys to justice!
— Officer of the CPPD

The Club Penguin Police Department or the CPPD was a law-enforcing organization focused on protecting Club Penguin Island. The base of operations for the CPPD is the police station.

Differences to the EPF

While both two law enforcement operations, Club Penguin Police department allowed free access to its facilities and their job positions were available for the general public to apply (not being a secret organization). Despite by less technologically advanced, officers could still arrest and uphold law and order in Club Penguin through the use of handcuffs (which every new recruit was given).

Involvement in the island

Marvel Superhero takeovers

During the Marvel Superhero Takeovers, the police department acted as a guardian under the civilian class. They were originally formed at the beginning of the events of the takeover when Loki and the other Super Villains threatened the safety of the island.

During this party, both the police department, EPF and Super Heroes worked together to intercept and arrest the aforementioned super villain.

Their goal was the same in the other marvel takeovers, only they wished to protect the civilians from harm and arrest the other super villains (in addition to Loki).