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*[[EPF Operation: Blackout finale]] Aired Nov 24 2012
*[[EPF Operation: Blackout finale]] Aired Nov 24 2012
widths="230" captionalign="left">
Club Penguin Shorts - Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei|Episode 1 - [[Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei]]
Club Penguin Shorts - Best Seat in the House|Episode 2 - [[Best Seat In The House]]
Club Penguin Shorts - Puffle Trouble!|Episode 3 - [[Puffle Trouble]]
Club Penguin Shorts - Cadence - The Party Starts Now (Available on iTunes!)|Episode 4 - [[The Party Starts Now Animated Short|The Party Starts Now]]
Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid!! Official Club Penguin|Episode 5 - [[Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid]]
Penguin Band - Anchors Aweigh (Now Available on iTunes!)|Episode 6 - [[Anchors Aweigh]]
Penguin Band (feat. Cadence) - Ghosts Just Wanna Dance - Coming Soon to iTunes!|Episode 7 - [[Ghosts Just Wanna Dance]]
Club Penguin Official Save the Island!|Episode 8 - [[Save the Island]]
EPF Operation: Blackout finale - Episode 9

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Club Penguin Animated Shorts
Channel YouTube, Disney XD, Disney Channel
Publisher Walt Disney Animation
Years December 3, 2011 – present
Genre Comedy, Action and Adventure
Runtime 1–3 minutes

Club Penguin Animated Shorts are short animated episodes made by Disney under Club Penguin. They air on YouTube and Disney XD. On rare occasion, Disney airs these shorts on their channels. So far, this is most common in Disney XD Latin America. It should also be noted that new episodes do not air often. They are first introduced in December 2011. This made more 'YouTube-ers' join Club Penguin. First, Club Penguin did not make videos, now Club Penguin made dozens of videos. Club Penguin's animated shorts make Club Penguin more famous. From normal pictures- to animated videos tells us that Disney is doing a great work. There are currently eight episodes, and they are all about two minutes long (excluding Save the Island). This is the first ever Club Penguin TV series, which has been quite an accomplishment since Disney bought Club Penguin.


  • From very early on, Club Penguin had always wanted to make cartoons. They had some advertisements with no penguins talking, but they kept working at it. When Disney finally bought Club Penguin, they got the chance they had been waiting for. On December 3, 2011, the first episode aired, Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei.

Differences from Game

  • The Stage shows movies instead of plays.
  • There is a path to the Dojo with a cliff near it that leads to the Plaza.
  • Penguins can text on their Elite Spy Phone. In Club Penguin, they can receive messages, but cannot send them.
  • Franky is the singer of The Penguin Band, rather than the keyboardist.


  • This is the first ever Club Penguin show with new episodes.
  • We get to hear Sensei, Herbert, Cadence, Rockhopper & Franky's voice for the first time.
  • In every episode so far, at the end a character somehow breaks the fourth wall.
  • There has so far been 8 episodes.
  • The Four Ninjas have appeared in 3 of 8 episodes.
  • The episode Save the Island does not seem to be an episode of Club Penguin Shorts because it is not added to the playlist 'Club Penguin Shorts' in their Youtube channel. It is more like just a normal video uploaded by Club Penguin.

Characters So Far

Minor Characters

Seasons and Episodes

Season One (December 3, 2011-Present)

Season one of the first ever Club Penguin series was aired for the first time on Club Penguin's YouTube channel on December 3, 2011, with Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei. The season finale is currently unknown. There have been seven episodes, three music videos and four regular episodes, since the time the first episode was uploaded. New episodes continue to air on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

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