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A penguin reading the Club Penguin Times.

Club Penguin Times (known as The Penguin Times before issue #100, released September 2007) was Club Penguin's local newspaper, which came out every week on a Thursday (Late, in 2016 it came out every two weeks on a Wednesday). It could be read at any time by clicking the newspaper icon on the upper left corner of the screen.
Aunt Arctic was the newspaper's editor-in-chief, as well as its formal help columnist for the advice column "Ask Aunt Arctic". The headquarters of the newspaper were moved to the Book Room on June 14, 2012. Club Penguin Times also produced the Newsletter, which could be read on the DS Games. It was announced on April 14, 2015 that sections of some articles of the Club Penguin Times will be posted on the What's New Blog.[1] On April 22, 2016 it was announced that the Club Penguin Times would be released bi-weekly.[2]

The final issue of the Club Penguin Times (Issue #566) was released on March 22, 2017, a week prior to the closure of Club Penguin.

Newspaper look

Originally, the Club Penguin Times was designed very similarly to the way real-life newspapers are, with a front page highlighting parts of the issue. Every few pages would have a different theme, with the first being recent events in Club Penguin, and the last being comics, poems, and etc.

On November 18, 2010, the newspaper was redesigned. Instead of pages, the newspaper was published on two sides of a long paper. The front side had a newsflash, feature stories, the Ask Aunt Arctic section, and then either an upcoming events or rumors section. The back side had either a continuation of Ask Aunt Arctic, comics, or fan art, as well as jokes, and a secrets section.


Name Position Notes
Aunt Arctic Editor-in-Chief and Advice Columnist
Kip Reporter Appears in the Pick Your Path Book, Star Reporter, but is no longer a reporter.
Liz Reporter Appears in the Pick Your Path Book, Star Reporter, but is no longer a reporter.
Stompin' Bob (formerly) Poet If he had not joined the Penguin Band, he would have been writing poems here.
Various characters Writer Sometimes, during respective parties or events, various characters (mostly mascots) write the headlines and appear in the Advice column.
Tourdude Writer Only appeared during a Fair 2014 issue, and as a "future version" of himself for the Future Party.
Reportbot 3000 Reporter A robot penguin, who writes articles in the year 4014.
Rumor Reporter Writer Wrote many of the Island Rumors sections.


Old Look

Aunt Arctic celebrating the 100th issue of The Penguin Times

  • 'A' section (featured stories):
    • Top stories
  • 'B' section (regular features):
  • 'C' section (Extras):
    • Jokes
    • Riddles
    • Poetry
    • Games
    • Upcoming Events
  • 'D' section (Notices):
    • Submit your Content

The Reviewed by You Section was moved to the What's New Blog in May 2009, and the Technical News Section was moved to the What's New Blog in February 2006 as it is more about real life than the game.
Also, after the new look of issue #266, the CP team removed the poetry, puzzles, and comics sections.

New Look

  • Front Page
    • Feature Story
    • Support Story
    • News Flash
    • Upcoming Events/Island Rumors
    • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • Back Page
    • Comics
    • Secrets
    • Jokes and Riddles
    • Submit your Content

In Focus Tours

From issues 125 through 253, a section called In Focus was shown in the Club Penguin Times. They are as follows:

News Flash

News Flash is a new section added to the newspaper after the 2010 makeover. It replaces In Focus section. This section tells what's currently happening in the island.

  • Issue #266: November 19, 2010 - Sensei, the famous trainer of ninjas, has been seen in the Ninja Hideout. Rumors are that he's been spotted helping with the Water Dojo construction. Watch for him this week!
  • Issue #267: November 26, 2010 - If you're a stamp fan, be sure to check out the Party Stamps this month. They are only around for a short while, and may not return for some time. Check your Stamp Book for more info!
  • Issue #268: December 3, 2010 - Enormous Paycheck Frenzy! Have you checked your mail recently? Paychecks for Tour Guides were delivered on Dec. 1 as always. But mail-carriers reported a huge increase in the number of paychecks–more than double from last month.
  • Issue #269: December 10, 2010 - Rockhopper has been sighted in the telescope. Head up to the Beacon to catch a glimpse of The Migrator. Rockhopper and Yarr are sailing this way!
  • Issue #270: December 17, 2010 - Coins For Change Stamps are here! Penguins who donate will be rewarded with rare Stamps. Extremely generous penguins who donate 5000 coins will earn the Top Volunteer Stamp!
  • Issue #271: December 24, 2010 - Don't forget to deliver all your presents before the Holiday Party ends! Everyone has until Dec. 27 to send their special Gift Postcards.
  • Issue #272: December 31, 2010 - Rockhopper has departed Club Penguin once again. But he left his special message: "Yar har, me hearties! I never saw so many coins in my life! Ye done this captain proud, fair winds!
  • Issue #273: January 7, 2011 - The final results of Coins For Change are in! Every coin has been counted, and the results are up at the Beach. Waddle over and check them out!
  • Issue #274: January 14, 2011 - The Director needs YOU. Have you received an invitation to be part of the Elite Penguin Force? Accept the challenge, take the test, and report for duty. The time is now to join the EPF.
  • Issue #275: January 21, 2011 - Party Stamps! Those heading into the wilderness can earn their Path Finder Stamp for completing the maze of tress, and an Out At Sea Stamp for sailing across the bay. Don't miss them!
  • Issue #276: January 28, 2011 - Those looking to adopt a Brown Puffle should complete the Wilderness Expedition soon! This may be your only chance until they're up for adoption at the Pet Shop.
  • Issue #277: February 4, 2011 - Reporters on location have noted a rise of Team Blue players at the Penguin Stadium. From cheerleaders to goalies, blue jerseys are everywhere. Who can challenge them? Team Red, yellow or green?
  • Issue #278: February 11, 2011 - From February 11-April 21 pin collectors are in for a surprise! Every two weeks there are TWO limited edition pins for you to find somewhere on the island! Pins don't come back, so make sure you collect them all for your Stamp Book.
  • Issue #279: February 18, 2011 - Party Stamps available now! Earn your Happy Room Stamp for making ten penguins smile in a room and your Party Puffle Stamp for walking your puffle to its party room.
  • Issue #280: February 25, 2011 - Take your puffle shopping for new food, toys and furniture at the Pet Shop starting March 8! Stay tuned for more puffle news in next week's Club Penguin Times.
  • Issue #281: March 4, 2011 - Workers check your mailboxes! Paychecks were delivered to hardworking Tour Guides on March 1. The mysterious employees of the Everyday Phoning Facility also received 350 coins for their efforts.
  • Issue #282: March 11, 2011 - The first shipment of special new goodies for puffles is available at the Pet Shop. Surprise your fury friends with toys and food right now!
  • Issue #283: March 18, 2011 - Giant Squid Attacking! GLEEGRRAUWILL! Squidzoid has returned to wreak havoc. Brave heroes are needed Shadow Guys and Gamma Gals-grab your capes and fly to the Stage!
  • Issue #284: March 25, 2011 - Earn 3 Rare Stamps at the April Fools' Party! Throw food in a place where snacks are found to earn your Food Fight Stamp. Hunt down April Fools Items to get the Scavenger Stamp. And try solving a puzzle for the Party Puzzle. Make sure you earn these Stamps before the party ends!
  • Issue #285: April 1, 2011 - Party Scavenger Hunt! It's time to search high and low and everywhere in between! Uncover all 8 box pieces to claim your prize and earn your Scavenger Stamp.
  • Issue #286: April 8, 2011 - Arrr! Rockhopper be comin'! Keep your eye on the sea: Rockhopper and Yarr will be docking soon! Experts say the captain should arrive just in time for the Earth Day celebrations on April 21. Look through the telescope at the Beacon to watch for Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator.
  • Issue #287: April 15, 2011 - Blast off in Puffle Launch! Puffle fans are lining up to play the new game inside the Pet Shop. Train your pet to blast off into the skies in Puffle Launch!
  • Issue #289: April 29, 2011 - Gamers may have already noticed new challenges in the Lounge. Check out the revamped look, a new arcade game—and a new competition for Red and Blue teams.
  • Issue #290: May 6, 2011 - Environmental Portables Found! Random recycle bins have been spotted all over the island. The new containers seem to pop up wherever urgent recycling is needed.
  • Issue #329: February 9, 2012 - The Migrator has been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon!
  • Issue #330: February 16, 2012 - Shiver ye timbers! Rockhopper has set up the Treasure Hunt game at the Beach! Set a course and try your luck digging for buried treasure!
  • Issue #331: February 24, 2012 - Avast! Be ye looking to join Rockhopper on his Quest? Then set a course for the Beach, and board the Migrator!
  • Issue #332: March 1, 2012 - Puffle-fan fashions have arrived at the Gift Shop! Check out the latest outfits in the Penguin Style catalog.
  • Issue #333: March 8, 2012 - The Puffle Catalog has new hats and snacks for your puffles. Check them out in the Pet Shop... or in the comfort of your home.
  • Issue #334: March 15, 2012 - Giant Puffles Spotted! Keep your eyes open for ridiculously massive puffles running around the island! Several sightings have been reported near the Puffle Play Zone.
  • Issue #335: March 22, 2012 - Puffle pandemonium? More like puffle-FAN-dimonium! Giant puffles, lots of colorful costumes, and even PH herself have been spotted at the Ski Lodge. Bounce over and check it out!
  • Issue #336: March 29, 2012 - SHOCKING NEWS! The following things may or may not be true: Rockhopper is a pirate! Club Penguin is changing its name to Puffle-Puffle Happy Zombie Land! Goldfish are neither gold nor fish! Pizza tastes like pizza!
  • Issue #337: April 5, 2012 - A new Penguin Style catalog is out at the Gift Shop. Check out the new outstanding outfits while supplies last!
  • Issue #338: April 12, 2012 - The latest Igloo Catalog is here! Go wild with new Earth Day-inspired igloo items... just don't scratch the furniture! Check them out in your igloo.
  • Issue #339: April 19, 2012 - Set out on your safari! There are free safari hats for all Earth Day explorers at the Town Center and the Plaza. Grab yours before the party ends!
  • Issue #340: April 26, 2012 - Postcard Update! Whether you're saying hello, or inviting others to join you in a crime scene investigation, postcards are the way to go! Click [mail icon] at the top left corner of your screen to view the latest catalog.
  • Issue #341: May 3, 2012 - Dost thou fancy thyself a dragon? Perhaps a fairy wizard? How about a warrior princess? Then saveth thy coins, for many medieval fashions await thee May 17!
  • Issue #342: May 10, 2012 - Looking to get started on your medieval merriment? Then look no further! New medieval items are out now in the Furniture Catalog. Check-eth it out!
  • Issue #343: May 17, 2012 - The Royal Kingdom has been cursed! After standing up to the Dragon King, the Royal Village was destroyed, and its villagers turned to stone. Be careful and stay sharp, all who travel there!
  • Issue #344: May 24, 2012 - Armor-up! All knights can claim a battle helmet at Dragon Peak. Or a full suit of armor in Knight's Quest I! Heroes, onward!
  • Issue #345: May 31, 2012 - The ancient curse of Scorn, the Dragon King, was broken last week. Thanks to all the legendary knights, princesses and wizards who saved the day. The island is back to normal, in case you didn't notice.
  • Issue #346: June 7, 2012 - Super powered penguins spotted around the island! Super Villains threaten island take over! Is this the end of Club Penguin as we know it?
  • Issue #347: June 14, 2012 - Hero HQ is online! Gary the Gadget Guy has completed construction of the Super Hero HQ! All heroes—assemble!
  • Issue #348: June 21, 2012 - Heroes - EXTRA EXTRA! Super Heroes reported trapped in the Super Villain Lair! Are you brave enough to save them? Then what are you waiting for?!
  • Issue #348: June 21, 2012 - Villains - Attention villains! There are reports that the Super Heroes' secret plans are somewhere in the Super Hero HQ. You know what to do...
  • Issue #349: June 28, 2012 - Heroes - Thousands of Doom Drones spotted Downtown! Please be advised—epic battles and traffic jams are expected!
  • Issue #349: June 28, 2012 - Villains - Warning: if you are a villain, and you are invited to the Super Hero HQ for snacks, do NOT go. That is a trick.
  • Issue #350: July 5, 2012 - Destructobot is defeated! The huge machine has been taken into EPF custody. "I think we're going to turn it into a toaster," one secret agent commented.
  • Issue #351: July 12, 2012 - Say what!? Reports of an unidentified flying object are flooding in! "It was so strange!" said one witness. "I saw it and I HAD to start nodding my head to the bass. What's even happening?"
  • Issue #352: July 19, 2012 - Heads up dancers! The Daily Music Challenge is on-so grab your gear, dance up a storm, and earn your right to call yourself a Super Star! Dooooo it!
  • Issue #353: July 26, 2012 - Have you rocked the Daily Music Challenge yet?! If not, what are you waiting for? There's prizes, dance moves, and glory to be had! GLORY!
  • Issue #354: August 2, 2012 - It's on! Teams are gathering at the Stage for the ultimate dodgeball championship. Will Team Blue triumph? Will Team Red dominate? Find out this (and more!) in the classic Stage production of Team Red vs. Team Blue!
  • Issue #355: August 9, 2012 - Attention igloo decorators! The new igloo furniture catalog is out, with a 'fresh' selection of new items. Check items and take your 'pick' of the 'bunch'! (Get it?)
  • Issue #356: August 16, 2012 - Avast! The Tropical Igloo Contest now be closed! I be eager to see what ye've done with yer quarters. We be announcin' winners soon. Best of luck to ye!
  • Issue #357: August 23, 2012 - An enormous volcano has appeared at the Snow Forts! Scientists and pizza chefs are baffled. Gary the Gadget Guy could not be reached for comment.
  • Issue #358: August 30, 2012 - Hey everyone! Rookie here. I've got a big surprise for you in September. And I promise I won't mess it up like last time!
  • Issue #359: September 6, 2012 - EPF agents have been spotted running around the island recently. What are they up to? "That's need-to-know info," Agent Rookie said. "And I don't know, so no need to know, you know?"
  • Issue #360: September 13, 2012 - Rookie sighted around Club Penguin! The noted island-tipper and April Fool was spotted helping prepare for the Fair. No disasters have been reported yet.
  • Issue #361: September 20, 2012 - Animals aplenty! Check out the farm decoration at the Beach if you're looking for the perfect pasture for a picnic. We asked a horse if he is going to miss it, and he said, "Neigh!"
  • Issue #362: September 27, 2012 - It's pure pandemonium at the Bumper Car Derby! Cars are crashing! Penguins are flying! The crowd is on its feet, and... LOOK OUT!
  • Issue #363: October 4, 2012 - It's time to get ghoulish with new costumes at the Gift Shop. Lurk in the shadows as a sinister bat or get dirty digging graves. Getting goosebumps? You should be...
  • Issue #364: October 11, 2012 - Prepare yourself for scary low prices! The latest Igloo Furniture catalog is here, just in time for Halloween. Decorate with darkness today!
  • Issue #365: October 18, 2012 - AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Issue #366: October 25, 2012 - And now, a traditional Halloween poem: Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. Trick or treat. Take your pick. Just don't eat candy 'til you're sick!
  • Issue #367: November 1, 2012 - Now listen up, see? There's a marvelous mystery at the stage, see? There's a damsel, a detective, and a dazzling ruby. Can you solve the perplexing puzzle? We'll have to see...
  • Issue #368: November 8, 2012 - EPF Agents have been seen all over the island. Please answer any questions they have. Report anything unusual. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.
  • Issue #369: November 15, 2012 - Surrender EPF agents! I KNOW who you are! I have discovered your secret identities. Now I shall be conducting my OWN Operation: Hibernation. You cannot run! You cannot hide! I WILL WIN!
  • Issue #370: November 22, 2012 - Emergency announcement: temperatures continue to plummet across the island. Snowfall has increased 359% and conditions are approaching critical. Penguins and puffles are advised not leave there igloos without proper cold-weather gear.
  • Issue #371: November 29, 2012 - Herbert was spotted running around the island last week, looking generally flustered and cranky. Should you see him, all citizens are encouraged to throw snowballs at him.
  • Issue #372: December 6, 2012 - Start your seasonal celebrations early this year, with the Humbug Holiday Party play now showing at the stage. (No polar bears allowed!)
  • Issue #373: December 13, 2012 - Tidal experts, pirates, and brown puffles all agree - Rockhopper will be landing at the Beach on December 20.
  • Issue #374: December 20, 2012 - Avast! All bakers on deck! We be needin' cookie crafters by the baker's dozen at the Bakery! If we be not gettin' help soon, our goose is baked...I mean cooked!
  • Issue #375: December 27, 2012 - Coins for Change is nearly finished! Got room for a few more cookies? Then head to the Cookie Shop, and use your sweet tooth to help change the world!
  • Issue #376: January 4, 2013 - Hey there friend. Looking for the latest and greatest fashions on the island? I bet you are. Come check out the new line of outstanding outfits in the Clothes Shop.
  • Issue #377: January 10, 2013 - OOGA BOOGA Looking forward to acting like a caveguin, but want to practice first? Say no more! Head over to the Stage, and join in the production of The Penguins that Time Forgot. It's the prefect practice for prehistoric roleplay.
  • Issue #378: January 17, 2013 - GRUB GRUB UGG ugg. ooga booga. yub nub grub. dino ugg!
  • Issue #379: January 24, 2013 - Caution: Iceberg contains giant monster shark. Tipping and jackhammering NOT advised.
  • Issue #380: January 31, 2013 - Now trending: metallic ball gowns with smokey eyes. Don't forget your skateboard. Find all your need to be a superstar at the Clothes Shop
  • Issue #381: February 7, 2013 - Luxury Penthouses are popping up all over the island! Tour the lifestyles of the rich and famous!
  • Issue #382: February 14, 2013 - Take a ride in superstar luxury. Catch the Limo in the Town, Studio Lot, or Plaza.
  • Issue #383: February 21, 2013 - Cameras are flashing as the Paparazzi Snaps shots of this year's hottest celebs Who will you spot?
  • Issue #384: February 28, 2013 - Construction has started at the Everyday Phoning Facility. Everyone on site should bring their hard hat and jackhammer!
  • Issue #385: March 7, 2013 - Treasure Hunters needed! The Quest for the Golden Puffle has begun. Head to the Stage to begin your adventure.
  • Issue #386: March 14, 2013 - Rainbows are popping up at the Dock, Ski Village and the Forest! What does it mean?!
  • Issue #387: March 21, 2013 - Think you have what it takes to be a Puffle Care Expert? Apply now at the Puffle Hotel!
  • Issue #388: March 28, 2013 - Earn these rare stamps during the Puffle Party: Explorer, Party Puffle, Happy Room, Target Champion & Food Fight!
  • Issue #389: April 5, 2013 - Pizza Party at the Cove cancelled due to shocking hot sauce robbery.
  • Issue #390: April 11, 2013 - Unusual seismic activity reported on the island. Gary the Gadget Guy is currently investigating this phenomenon.
  • Issue #391: April 18, 2013 - Herbert and Klutzy spotted floating off the shore of the Cove. Agents are asked to remain on alert. This may not be the last we've seen of that pesky polar bear.
  • Issue #392: April 25, 2013 - Heroes - Help repair the city! Grab your construction gloves from the launch pad at the beach!
  • Issue #392: April 25, 2013 - Villains - Do not back down. Destroy Penguintropolis. Nothing can stop us.
  • Issue #393: May 2, 2013 - Heroes - Super heroes—Capture villains at any cost. They must not succeed.
  • Issue #393: May 2, 2013 - Villains - Attention super villains! All super heroes who resisted must be captured and assimilated.
  • Issue #394: May 9, 2013 - Fire and Water Dojos now open to all grasshoppers. Head to the mountain to master the art of Card-Jitsu.
  • Issue #395: May 16, 2013 - !stnegA dnammoC ot tropeR enoH .sllirD ypS rof mooR ,segnellahc ekat ,slliks .sladem nrae dna .sredro ruoy evah uoY (Message was written backwards and scrambled. Translated: - Agents! Report to Command Room for Drills. Hone skills, take challenges, and earn medals. You have your orders.)
  • Issue #396: May 23, 2013 - Sushi Shop looking for skilled Sashimi Chefs! Apply now at the Pizza Parlor!
  • Issue #397: May 30, 2013 - Use the pizza emote at the fish stand in the Town or Plaza to earn the Snack Shack Stamp!
  • Issue #398: June 6, 2013 - Get the latest Penguins at Work outfit -- Pizza Chef in this month's Penguin Style catalog.
  • Issue #399: June 13, 2013 - Has anyone seen my pet rock? Tell me if you find it! Thanks! - Rookie
  • Issue #400: June 20, 2013 - Puffles are finding treasure! Take your pet for a walk and dig up some coins. Wow mates! Have I ever got questions for Captain Rockhopper!?! - PH
  • Issue #401: June 27, 2013 - Unexpected snowball fights are on the rise in Club Penguin. No cause for alarm. - Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Issue #402: July 4, 2013 - Members! You can earn scare points by pressing D in your favorite monster suit and scaring your friends!
  • Issue #403: July 11, 2013 - Sorry to interrupt... Just got to school and I forgot my lucky clover. If you see me, can I borrow yours? - Rookie
  • Issue #404: July 18, 2013 - Construction crews needed at the Dock! Bring a jellied-fish sandwich and your own hard hat.
  • Issue #405: July 25, 2013 - Grab your Kloo Horn and Bandfill, head to the Cantina, and start an inter-galactic space band with your friends!
  • Issue #406: August 1, 2013 - Tired of Darth Herbert? Go meet Helga and trade your Stormtrooper helmet for a Viking one at the stage.
  • Issue #407: August 8, 2013 - The dark side is running for cover, so bust a space-worthy dance move and order a Wookiee-sized pizza!
  • Issue #408: August 15, 2013 - ON VACATION. Leaving rubber ducky in charge of important EPF matters for the next two weeks. Back soon! - Rookie.
  • Issue #409: August 22, 2013 - Huge crowds are hitting up the water slides at the Water Park. Lifeguards needed ASAP!
  • Issue #410: August 29, 2013 - Reports of Migrator sightings have been flooding in! It looks like Rockhopper is heading ARRR way!
  • Issue #411: September 5, 2013 - Thank U guys 4 an AWESOME party! I had a blast surfin' with U all! - Cadence out.
  • Issue #412: September 12, 2013 - Aunt Arctic is fact checking the actual existence of ferocious invisible goldfish. Please send proof to the Club Penguin Times
  • Issue #413: September 19, 2013 - Reports of puffle chicken sightings have been flooding all over Club Penguin! Bok Bok!
  • Issue #414: September 26, 2013 - I've discovered O'berry seeds with unique properties. If you see PH, please tell her I'm looking for her. -Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Issue #415: October 3, 2013 - Zounds, all that wizardry wore me out. Take care while I go to the lab and recuperate. -Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Issue #416: October 10, 2013 - Spectral Sweets warehouse abandoned- who is making this candy?
  • Issue #417: October 17, 2013 - Sky darkens as candy arrives-part of the deal??
  • Issue #418: October 24, 2013 - Eerie tremors in the underground - is it dangerous?
  • Issue #419: November 1, 2013 - Thanks for an unforgettable Halloween! No more over-ordering, I promise! -Rookie
  • Issue #420: November 7, 2013 - Water, Snow and Fire Ninjas are competing to control the weather on the Iceberg. Is this training or just a bad weather report?
  • Issue #421: November 14, 2013 - A stolen coin-potted dial was placed on the gold O'berry machine. Report any tips to the paper.
  • Issue #422: November 21, 2013 - New additions to the Puffle Hotel! Hair cuts, smoothies and diving practice will help keep your puffles happy and healthy!
  • Issue #423: November 28, 2013 - This edition of CP Times is confidential! Not to be shared with Herbert or his lackeys!
  • Issue #424: December 5, 2013 - River access closed due to safety concerns. Wilderness no longer accessible.
  • Issue #425: December 12, 2013 - I'm afraid I won't be present at the Holidays this year. I'm taking some time to learn about distant relatives! - Gary
  • Issue #426: December 19, 2013 - Happy Holidays! Train tunnels are now available for members' igloos in the furniture catalog!
  • Issue #427: December 27, 2013 - A bright new year is in the horizon! See you in 2014! - Aunt Arctic
  • Issue #428: January 3, 2014 - Got your gold puffle yet? Start your quest at the Pet Shop in the Plaza.
  • Issue #429: January 9, 2014 - Due to popular demand, extra pickles have been ordered for the Pet Catalog. Hurry to the Pet Shop while supplies last.
  • Issue #430: January 16, 2014 - Archaeologists gearing up for a trip into the past. Get your outfits at the Clothes Shop!
  • Issue #431: January 23, 2014 - New dinosaurs discovered-the stegosaurus and the raptor! Collect all four colors of each!
  • Issue #432: January 30, 2014 - Time Trekker will be removed next week. Don't leave anything behind!
  • Issue #433: February 6, 2014 - Mysterious mist covers the Wilds. Be careful near the Ski Village.
  • Issue #434: February 13, 2014 - Wacky theme parties pop up all over the island thanks to mermaid, cowboy, and pirate costumes!
  • Issue #435: February 20, 2014 - Penguin Band returns for The Fair! Get to the main stage from the Dock. Shows on from Feb. 20 to Mar. 4.
  • Issue #436: February 27, 2014 - Hoedowns happening all week. Put on your best boots and scoot to Tumbleweed Town for some square dancing!
  • Issue #437: March 6, 2014 - The Everyday Phoning Facility is more active than usual. Are penguins making more calls than ever?
  • Issue #438: March 13, 2014 - Muppet masks are the new craze at the talent shows all over the island!
  • Issue #439: March 20, 2014 - The Museum in the Town is showing off jewels and other rarities! The exhibition is only on until April 1, so get there before it's gone!
  • Issue #440: March 27, 2014 - Catch performances at a theater igloo near you before the big finale!
  • Issue #441: April 3, 2014 - New health trend hitting Club Penguin! More smoothies need smashing at the Coffee Shop!
  • Issue #442: April 10, 2014 - Is your igloo pet proof? New furniture released that's perfect for your puffle parties!
  • Issue #443: April 17, 2014 - PH will be visiting throughout the Puffle Party to help you learn tricks! Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Issue #444: April 24, 2014 - Vets needed at Beach! Bring your stethoscope
  • Issue #445: May 1, 2014 - The Puffle Park isn't only for exercise. It's also great to put on puffle plays.
  • Issue #446: May 8, 2014 - UFO reports coming in from the Lighthouse. Send any proof to the newspaper!
  • Issue #447: May 15, 2014 - Fans of Space Adventure Planet Y are eager to see if the future matches their favorite play! Check it out on the Stage.
  • Issue #104448 (448): May 22, 4014 (2014) - Spring colors for robos arrive at the Robo Shop!
  • Issue #104449 (449): May 29, 4014 (2014) - DJ Squid Scratch throwing an end-of-the-world party at the Disco Dome!
  • Issue #450: June 5, 2014 - I'm in charge of packing the time portal. Hope it fits in the Box Dimension!-Rookie
  • Issue #451: June 12, 2014 - Club Penguin University grad party all week! WHAAAAAT?!
  • Issue #452: June 19, 2014 - Lots of cheerleaders are showing up to support their teams! RA RA RA!
  • Issue #453: June 26, 2014 - Rumblings heard in the Gold Mine—could it be the machine under the sheet?
  • Issue #454: July 3, 2014 - Jellyfish apocalypse unlikely. Swimming lessons at the Cove are back on!
  • Issue #455: July 10, 2014 - New dance craze sweep across the island. Watch for these Moppers in the Dance Club!
  • Issue #456: July 17, 2014 - Waiters, captains, DJ squids, and engineers needed on board!
  • Issue #457: July 24, 2014 - Rookie look-a-like contests being held in the ship's Dining Room!
  • Issue #458: July 31, 2014 - Heat wave hitting the island. Summer weather or Fire Ninjas?
  • Issue #459: August 7, 2014 - Cannonball competition at the pool on the Puffle Hotel!
  • Issue #460: August 14, 2014 - Snowball fight at the Forts! Come before the snow melts for summer!
  • Issue #461: August 21, 2014 - Safety Warning: Don't try to roast a Marshmallow!
  • Issue #462: August 28, 2014 - Ice Delivery struggling to make it big on the island.
  • Issue #463: September 4, 2014 - Practice your soccer passes at the Stadium! Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Issue #464: September 11, 2014 - Looking for a career? Become a Tour Guide at the Ski Hill.
  • Issue #465: September 18, 2014 - Fragile Things is having a blowout at the Mall!
  • Issue #466: September 25, 2014 - Teachers are needed in CPU in all subjects! You can even make up a subject!
  • Issue #467: October 2, 2014 - Yarr! Pirate fashion shows happening at the Dock! Heave ho!!
  • Issue #468: October 9, 2014 - The Puffle Hotel is looking for bellhops, managers, and concierges. Apply within!
  • Issue #469: October 16, 2014 - Puffle are agitated around the island! What's setting them off?
  • Issue #470: October 23, 2014 - Blue Dragons looking for new convention space after Puffle Hotel haunting!
  • Issue #471: October 30, 2014 - Zombie hordes come to the Skatepark! Try to be understanding, it's hard to skate when your flippers are falling off!
  • Issue #472: November 6, 2014 - Migrator, ahoy! Check the telescope on top of the Lighthouse.
  • Issue #473: November 13, 2014 - Celebrate one year of gold puffles! Wear your best bling to the Gold Mine!
  • Issue #474: November 20, 2014 - Only 28 days until the holiday! Don't save your sandwiches, save your coins! -Rookie
  • Issue #475: November 27, 2014 - Customers at the Pizza Parlor are asked to not cut slices with their swords.
  • Issue #476: December 4, 2014 - December is here. Show your holiday spirit with a Tree mob in the Cove!
  • Issue #477: December 11, 2014 - Blast your best holiday songs at the Dance Club.
  • Issue #478: December 18, 2014 - Snow Ninjas! Make it snow at the Dojo to celebrate the season!
  • Issue #479: December 24, 2014 - Toy makers are needed at the School! Rush orders are still coming in!
  • Issue #480: December 31, 2014 - Ring in the New Year with big flashy lights! Head to the Ski Hill to watch the fireworks!
  • Issue #481: January 7, 2015 - The Puffle Park is hopping with new species of puffles! Because bunnies.
  • Issue #482: January 14, 2015 - Adventurers gather in the Gold Mine to search for hidden passages!
  • Issue #483: January 21, 2015 - Fruit prices have increased due to recent theft. Please report any information to the nearest Stormtrooper.
  • Issue #484: January 28, 2015 - Stormtroopers request help to stop rebel groups. Sign up today!
  • Issue #485: February 4, 2015 - Practice your instrument and start a band at the Lighthouse!
  • Issue #486: February 11, 2015 - Monster cheerleader tryouts at Club Penguin University!
  • Issue #487: February 18, 2015 - Smoothie need smashing at the Coffee Shop!
  • Issue #488: February 25, 2015 - Looking to hangout after a concert? Come to an after-party in the Limo at the Plaza.
  • Issue #489: March 4, 2015 - Pi day is March 14. Bring calculators and pie! Lots of pie! We like apple, and pumpkin, and rhubarb, and SIN/COS functions.
  • Issue #490: March 11, 2015 - The new Lodge is almost finished! Check out the home of the Puffle Guides before the big launch next week!
  • Issue #491: March 18, 2015 - Pirate restaurants gaining popularity, despite stinky cheese menu.
  • Issue #492: March 26, 2015 - Explore the island and enjoy Puffle Party favorites like the obstacle course at the Rink and the zoo at the Dock!
  • Issue #493: April 1, 2015 - Sneaker heads are comparing their new kick at the Clothes Shop. What do you think of these styles?
  • Issue #494: April 9, 2015 - Visitors to the Ski Hill are asked not to loosen the belt that is holding the chair lift together. It is a precision instrument!
  • Issue #495: April 15, 2015 - Bring your noisemakers and horns and toot blasters to Club Penguin University. It's Spring Break and it's going to get LOUD!
  • Issue #496: April 22, 2015 - Happy Snuggle-a-Snowgie day! Each one is like a snowman marshmallow. Except not like Marshmallow the snowman.
  • Issue #497: April 29, 2015 - Check out the Palace in the Dock for a tour of where the royalty live. Or just slide down the banister!
  • Issue #498: May 7, 2015 - Vegetarian week starts on May 18! Celebrate by cooking your best veggie recipes.
  • Issue #499: May 14, 2015 - Dress up as your favorite character and take selfies on rides at the Fair!
  • Issue #500: May 21, 2015 - Ride attendants needed! Robos at Galaxy Park, dragons to the Ye Olde Castle, and scurvy pirate crabs to the Pirate Park!
  • Issue #501: May 27, 2015 - Fair fashions making a big splash. Especially the butterfly mermaids!
  • Issue #502: June 4, 2015 - Clowns thanked Rookie for the successful Fair by making him a pie. So far, it's still sitting on his doorstep while he cowers in his igloo.
  • Issue #503: June 11, 2015 - There are rumors that some of the new Stage Igloos are haunted by a phantom! Form a ghost-hunting brigade and find out!
  • Issue #504: June 17, 2015 - Swimming lessons cancelled due to crocodile party in the Underground Pool.
  • Issue #505: June 24, 2015 - Snow sculptures will be finished next week! Local artists celebrate!
  • Issue #506: July 1, 2015 - Teachers wanted at CP university. There are positions at Skateboarding 101, Potion Mixing 100, Joke Writing 300.
  • Issue #507: July 8, 2015 - Fishdog sellers needed at the Stadium. Man the snack carts and feed those fans.
  • Issue #508: July 15, 2015 - Fashion-savvy penguins report that gold is back in. Did it ever leave?
  • Issue #509: July 22, 2015 - As fun as it would be, penguins are asked NOT to open Portal Boxes while in Rockhopper's mind.
  • Issue #510: July 29, 2015 - International Cat Day is coming up on August 8. How will you and your furry friends celebrate?
  • Issue #511: August 5, 2015 - Did you know it's International Clown Week!? Rookie sure does, so he's taking a vacation!
  • Issue #512: August 12, 2015 - Ninja convention on the Iceberg! Bring your full snow ninja outfits and practice your moves.
  • Issue #513: August 19, 2015 - Volunteers for the "Save the broken Aqua Grabber" foundation are meeting this week in the Hidden Lake.
  • Issue #514: August 26, 2015 - Record all big moments of Fashion Festival with a Video Camera or Camera. Available for members at the Clothes Shop!
  • Issue #515: September 2, 2015 - Suit up! Members can get knight costumes in the Clothes Shop for kingdom igloo parties.
  • Issue #516: September 10, 2015 - Randomly, mobs of jesters have been seen dancing around the island. This is no laughing matter!
  • Issue #517: September 16, 2015 - Princesses dueling at the Snow Forts! Knights are on the scene calling for peace.
  • Issue #518: September 23, 2015 - Ogre mob invades the Plaza! Turns out they just want to dance.
  • Issue #519: September 30, 2015 - Penguins waving at the Epic Wave. Why not try surfing it instead?
  • Issue #520: October 7, 2015 - Early holiday presents in the Sled Room! Help deliver them all over the world!
  • Issue #521: October 14, 2015 - Team Red or Team Blue? Dress in your colors and race down the Ski Hill!
  • Issue #522: October 21, 2015 - Go see Night of the Living Sled in the Lighthouse! A classic frightening film!
  • Issue #523: October 28, 2015 - Strange rumblings heard under the Coffee Shop. Could the robots be up to something?
  • Issue #524: November 4, 2015 - Everyone is getting a bad wi-fi connection around the island. What's going on?
  • Issue #525: November 10, 2015 - The weather is completely normal this week. No reason to look at the sky.
  • Issue #526: November 18, 2015 - Paint Festival is a hit with new visitors to the island!
  • Issue #527: November 25, 2015 - Dot working on matching tinfoil skirt and handbag.
  • Issue #528: December 2, 2015 - Cart Surfer lineups are long as citizens save up to donate to Coins for Change.
  • Issue #529: December 9, 2015 - Snow ninjas guarantee lots of snowfall for the season. They're making nice fluffy stuff for snowballs, snow forts, and snow pizzas.
  • Issue #530: December 16, 2015 - Residents near the Plaza are wearing thick toques. Either it's code or the ringing is really loud!
  • Issue #531: December 22, 2015 - Holiday cheer contagious but not spread through sneezes, say penguin medics.
  • Issue #532: December 29, 2015 - Reindeer look for the last carrots around the island.
  • Issue #533: January 6, 2016 - Fashion expert describes caveguin styles as totally Oonga Ooga Whop!
  • Issue #534: January 13, 2016 - Alien puffles are picking up Club Penguin souvenirs to take home.
  • Issue #535: January 20, 2016 - Dances with Dinosaurs nominated for Best Musical at the movie awards.
  • Issue #536: January 27, 2016 - Penguins wearing dinosaur outfits stumble across dinosaurs wearing penguin outfits.
  • Issue #537: February 3, 2016 - Watch out for off-road vehicles! They're a popular mode of transportation this month.
  • Issue #538: February 10, 2016 - A new dance craze is sweeping the island-The Herbert! Mostly it's just stomping around and complaining about the cold.
  • Issue #539: February 17, 2016 - Penguins wearing the Kitty Kat Toque being chased by dog puffles!
  • Issue #540: February 24, 2016 - Fans of Night of the Living Sled are flocking to the Plaza to act out the film!
  • Issue #541: March 2, 2016 - Underground repair teams are working overtime to fill in Herbert's tunnels.
  • Issue #542: March 9, 2016 - Study finds 97% of penguins love puffles. 3% were too busy playing with puffles to respond.
  • Issue #543: March 16, 2016 - The puffles are coming, the puffles are coming!
  • Issue #544: March 23, 2016 - Penguins wonder: If a rabbit puffle hops and no one is around to hear, will it make a sound? Not if it's a ninja puffle.
  • Issue #545: March 30, 2016 - Despite rumors, the White Cape is not made of marshmallows. It's polyester.
  • Issue #546: April 6, 2016 - Mountain climbers prepare for Tallest Mountain ascent using only jackhammers.
  • Issue #547: April 20, 2016 - Wild puffles itching to visit the sasquatch with their owners!
  • Issue #548: May 4, 2016 - Giant bunnies vs. sasquatch ninjas in dance-off at the Club. In other words, a normal day on Club Penguin.
  • Issue #549: May 19, 2016 - "Drawing Dragons" and "Experimental Fish Dog Cooking" are the most requested new CPU classes.
  • Issue #550: June 8, 2016 - Lots of sunglasses-wearing penguins seen at the Coffee Shop. There are rumors of an EPF operation there.
  • Issue #551: June 22, 2016 - Rodents asking for XXXXXXS sizes in Penguin Style.
  • Issue #552: July 6, 2016 - Tying a string around your flipper helps with remembering, unless you forget to tie the string.
  • Issue #553: July 20, 2016 - Fashion designers and chefs clash: are squids hats or delicious?
  • Issue #554: August 3, 2016 - Swimming in the Puffle Hotel pool increases dance skills, reports Puffle Hotel PR department.
  • Issue #555: August 17, 2016 - Happy Snuggle-a-Snowgie day! Each one is like a snowman marshmallow. Except not like Marshmallow... the snowman.
  • Issue #556: August 31, 2016 - Check out the Palace in the Dock for a tour of where the royalty live. Or just slide down the banister!
  • Issue #557: September 14, 2016 - Penguins kick off party movement in The Mines. It's totally underground. You probably haven't heard of it.
  • Issue #558: September 28, 2016 - No sleep for residents of Club Penguin as werewolf mobs howl at the moon.
  • Issue #559: October 19, 2016 - Clothes Shop owner unable to find head for Headless Horseman outfits.
  • Issue #560: November 2, 2016 - Standing room only at the Dance Club as Soundstudio DJs sling new tracks.
  • Issue #561: November 16, 2016 - Research begins to determine who dropped the beat.
  • Issue #562: November 30, 2016 - Coins for Change donation stations now open. Make change today!
  • Issue #563: December 15, 2016 - Next issue of Club Penguin Times arrives in the future—2017! Gary working on newspaper teleportation delivery device.
  • Issue #564: January 4, 2017 - Rookie announces that 2017 is the year of Rookie.
  • Issue #565: January 31, 2017 - PH plants O'berry bushes around the island!
  • Issue #566: March 22, 2017 - PENGUINS UNITED! Entire community dedicated to tipping the iceberg.

Milestone issues

The 150th Newspaper Pin was released on August 30, 2008.

The Issue 500 Pin was released on May 20, 2015.

  • Issue #1 was released on October 24, 2005.
  • Issue #8 started printing in color.
  • Issue #50 was released on September 28, 2006.
  • Issue #100 was released on September 13, 2007.
  • Issue #130 was the first issue with Aunt Arctic as the Editor in Chief.
  • Issue #150 was released on August 28, 2008.
  • Issue #200 was released on August 13, 2009.
  • Issue #250 was released on July 29, 2010.
  • Issue #266 was the first newspaper to use the new interface.
  • Issue #300 was released on July 21, 2011.
  • Issue #350 was released on July 5, 2012.
  • Issue #400 was released on June 20, 2013.
  • Issue #426 was the first issue to use Comics with the new newspaper interface.
  • Issue #450 was released on June 5, 2014.
  • Issue #500 was released on May 21, 2015.
  • Issue #550 was released on June 8, 2016.
  • Issue #566 was the last issue of the Club Penguin Times.


The old look of the newspaper had a few games on its "Extra" section. The games were Dot-To-Dot, Puffle-So-Cute-O, Puzzle Shuffle and Word Search. There were hints to upcoming parties on Word Search.


  • While mousing over Aunt Arctic in the header of the "Aunt Ask Arctic" section, her glasses are darkened. This also occurs for when other characters take over the section, and can vary from a different facial expression to an entirely different pose.
  • Sometimes, the words "jokes" or "poetry", when moused over on their respective page, make more jokes appear.
  • Sometimes, the PSA or EPF hide a secret message in the newspaper, often conjoining with a future event or mission. The way the messages are hidden varies greatly, varying from part of an image in the paper to a piece of text, although for the former, the image generally relates to agents, and for the latter, it generally relates to words like "classified".


Main article: Comic

The first new comic, which appeared in issue #426.

While some comics have appeared in the Community section of Club Penguin's website, fan made comics were included in all issues up until the new design in November 2010. On December 19, 2013, the comics section was brought back, replacing the second part of Ask Aunt Arctic on the second page. These comics are drawn and written by Club Penguin artists.


The older editions of The Penguin Times in the Boiler Room's Old News.

Hidden Jokes

  • In issue #129, the Club Penguin Times announced that starting from issue #130, Aunt Arctic would be the chief of the Club Penguin Times.
  • Before December 2005, all issues were in black and white.
  • The 100th Newspaper Event was held in the Boiler Room to celebrate the 100th issue.
  • The 150th Newspaper Pin was made to celebrate its 150th issue.
  • In issue #266, the Club Penguin Times got a new design.
  • It used to take the Club Penguin team 100 hours to create the old newspaper design.
  • During Operation: Blackout, in issues 369, 370, and 371, the newspaper was taken over, and replaced by the Club Herbert times.
    • In issue #370 under the "Upcoming Events" section, it was written that "The Blackout is set to continue at least until March, 2017" – the exact month that Club Penguin shut down.[3]
  • On the day of the release of issue #400, Aunt Arctic waddled around for a short time.
  • Issue #426 was the first issue to use comics since the newspaper update on November 18, 2010.
  • Starting with issue #489, fan art was brought back to the Club Penguin Times. It is shown on the back page, in the same place where either comics or a second section of Ask Aunt Arctic are located. Unlike fan art in the old layout of the Club Penguin Times, various characters now "commentate" on the drawings.
  • At its height, the Club Penguin Times received over 10,000 fan submissions per week on average.[4]







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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Club Penguin News
French Club Penguin News
Spanish Noticias de Club Penguin
German Club Penguin Rundschau
Russian Известия «Клуба Пингвинов»

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