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CPW Awards

Hosts: CustardBird, RafaelMoutaCP and -TwinkieReborn-

Start: December 17, 2017

End: December 31, 2017

Duration: 14 Days

Results Day: January 1, 2018 @ 00:00 (UTC)


1) The user must have been active at any time in and between January 2017 - December 2017. It is not necessary that the user was active for the whole - or even the majority of - the year. For categories involving rights, such as Best Chat Moderator, users can be nominated as long as they held those rights at some point in 2017 (bar trials).

2) Voters must be active (or must have been active at some point in 2017) to nominate. It is not permitted to nominate using a sockpuppet account.

3) Nominations must include the full username.

4) Voters cannot nominate themselves.

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