CPW Awards

The 2017 Club Penguin Wiki Awards are here with a range of unique categories, both new and old! Hosted by CustardBird, RafaelMoutaCP and -TwinkieReborn-!

Nominate somebody you believe deserves to win one of these rewards! Click here for more information.

Please add your nomination in the following format:

*[[User:NomineeUsername|NomineeUsername]] - Nominated by [[User:YourUsername|YourUsername]]

Editor of the Year

Content Adder of the Year

Image Uploader of the Year

MediaWiki Editor of the Year

Chat Moderator of the Year

2017 Chat Moderators: Hypercane, CustardBird, PixieLil, WikiaFrog, -TwinkieReborn-.

Rollback of the Year

2017 Rollbacks: Samantas5855, Seth4564TI.

Patroller of the Year

2017 Patrollers: Nagi123, Seth4564TI, Smallview.

Administrator of the Year

2017 Administrators: CPW Community Admin, CustardBird, Dps04, Jeserator, Vicyorus, Watatsuki.

Bureaucrat of the Year

2017 Bureaucrats: Apj26, CPW Community Admin, Hey.youcp, Shurow.

Bot of the Year

2017 Bots: C.P.W-Bot, CPChatBot, Jeserator TEST, NagiBot.

Leader of the Year

Most Improved User of the Year

Most Dedicated User of the Year

Most Helpful User of the Year

Nicest User of the Year

Funniest User of the Year

Most Popular User of the Year

Doorspammer of the Year

Nub of the Year

Parkourist of the Year

User of the Year

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