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A Band is a informal gathering of penguins wearing special instruments who pretend to make music with them. Most penguins in a band are members, although non-members can join if they choose to sing or have the maracas.

Band Performance Locations

List of Instruments

  • Acoustic Guitar
    • Black Electric Guitar
    • Red Electric Guitar
    • Bass Guitar
    • Sunburst Acoustic Guitar
  • Singing
  • Maracas
  • Festive Maracas
  • Snare Drum
  • Drum set
  • Violin
  • Tuba
  • Keytar
  • Accordion
  • Tambourine

Flowing The Plane

Genre: Pop, R&B

Lead singer: 962minez

Song writer: Pengypengoo

Guitarist: Levitation1

Drummer: 6thpenguin

Bassist: Elepsis

The Elite Four

Genere: Rock

Electric Gutair: Badmanevan

Bass: Dude18643

Drums: Rvd56712

Trumpet: Lumpytoast

The Club Penguin Duo


MJ No1 Fan

About: Was in Club Penguin since April 2008.

Persy 165

About: Was in Club Penguin since March 2008

The Flying Penguins

  • Leader: Frenley
    • Co-Leader: Snowman 1001
  • Founder: Magic112548


  • Trumpet: Frenley
  • Accordian: Snowman 1001
  • Snare Drum: Flystar55555
  • Maracas: Hat Pop
  • Guitar:Gknee19
  • Singer:Peewee2005

The Golden Puffles

  • Singers:LilyFairy26 (Non-Member)
  • Piano:None
  • Acoustic Guitar:None
  • Electric Guitar:None
  • Drums:None
  • Maracas:None
  • Violin:None
  • Drums: PokeTrainer8 (Non Member)
  • Tuba:None

The rockers

To sign up with the band, see:The band page

Metal Remains

  • Singers: DillyDally(1st), jackperth (2nd), goobadayer (3rd), green67534 (4th), redtemplar (backup)
  • Piano: DillyDally
  • Electric Guitar: jackperth, notpeterpan, lovediva
  • Acoustic Guitar: blacktemplar, goobadayer
  • Drums: green67534
  • Manager/leader: DillyDally
  • Dancers: toothyfea, toothyemmy, Dalsworth

The Foolers

  • Genre:Rock
    • Comrade45: Leader, singer,& Acoustic Guitar
    • drums:Rock 4827
    • flippy dog10:Accounting's guitar
    • Jjori:dancer and instrument player
    • Eagle eyes:Dancer
    • mimiey111:2 singer
    • Command7:Electric guitar

The Pengu's

  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Symbol: Club Penguin Island

The Golden Penguin

  • Genre: Classical

Swimmer Jane and Grace 5

  • Singer: Swimmer Jane
  • Piano: Grace 5

The Black Mar-ockers

  • Drybones102
  • Vivianteam 2
  • Miss Whizz1

Instruments: Maracas

The Backstreet Penguins

Genres: Hard Rock, Rock N' Roll, Classic Rock, Christian Rock, Christian Metal.

Lead singer, Keyboardist, Therimin, Kaoss Pad-Flash 1701

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals-Gyro66

Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals-Xoxice33

Bass, Backing Vocals-Moomoolisa

Drums, Backing Vocals-Ace00009

Equipment used: Flash 1701: Casio Flash 1701 Custom Signature Lead, Casio Jamster Mini, Casio Therimin, Casio Kaoss Pad, Casio 75 Watt Keyboard Amplifiers, Flare Lead Flash 1701 Custom Wired Microphone, 2 Flare Microphone extention cabinets, Casio Floor Pod Effects Pedals, Casio Key-Wah, Marshall 370 Watt Flash 1701 Custom Signature Guitar Amplifier

Gyro66: Gibson Gyro66 Custom Red Flying V, Marshall 425 Watt Gyro66 Custom amplifier, Marshall JCM 800 Cabinets, Flare backing microphone, ZOOM GFX-8 effects Pedal. Gibson Gyro66 Custom Wah

Xoxice33: Ibanez Custom Xoxice33 Iceman, Marshall JCM 900 150 watt amplifier, MESA/Boogie Triple Rectifier Cabinets, Flare backing vocals microphone, Line 6 Floor Pod Effects Pedal, Xoxice33 Ibanez Signature Wah

(His other guitar is a ESP "Alfee Custom" SEC-280TC (Mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard).

Moomoolisa: ESP Moomoolisa AXR-2980 signature punch bass, Marshall Moomoolisa Custom 100 Watt Bass Amplifier, Marshall Bass Fuzz Pedal, Flare Backing Microphone

Ace00009: Pearl Vision Series Ace00009 Signature 11-Piece Drum Set, Pearl Ace00009 Signature Cymbals, Pearl Ace Signature Drumsticks, Pearl Ace Signature Mallets, Pearl Ace Signature Brushes, Pearl Ace Signature Exotic Sticks, Flare Backing Microphone, Pearl Ace00009 Signature Pedals, Pearl Ace00009 Signature Drum "Throne."

Where to find us at a concert:

Our most well-known places to perform are The Ritz Rock Club, The Night Club, The Pizza Parlor, The Apollo Rock Club, The LightHouse, and the Iceberg Stage.


Original: Flash 1701 Gyro66 Icyblue426 Xoxice33

  1. 2

Flash 1701 Gyro66 Xoxice33 DeathFlame47 Icyblue426

Current Flash 1701 Gyro66 Xoxice33 Moomoolisa Ace0009

Questions? Comments? E-mail us at

Current Album in Production: BLACKOUT

Following Album: BLACKOUT II

Current Single: Know Your Enemy

Rock on and waddle on!

The Penguin Jazz Duo

  • Genre: Jazz
    • Barkjon: Drums
    • Dunklebug: Guitar (If You Think Don't Jazz Has Guitar, Well, Look Jazz Up on Wikipedia!)

The Dark Puffles

  • Genre: Rock
  • Symbol: Puffle and Crossbones
    • Barkjon: Drums and Occasionally Singer
    • Fluffin Stuf: Singer and Maracas
    • Fluffy 21: Guitarist and Singer

CP Wiki

  • Genre:Contemporary
  • Symbol:

The Club Penguin Wiki Band!

The Tone Rocks

  • Barkjon: Drums
  • Daisy Dear: Electric guitar/vocals
  • Kidrule 997:Acoustic guitar
  • Mahicans: Maracas
  • Coolio676: Vocals/acoustic guitar
  • Allysomatic: Acoustic guitar/dancing

The Pencil Chickens

The Pencil Chickens: They always practise, and preform in Sheep-man's igloo. It has space for 7 penguins to sit and watch them play, and space for about 13 to stand. Look!



Our symbol


  • Sheep man: Electric guitar/Violin
  • Agent genius: Drums/Maracas
  • Failsafe: Vocals/Dancing

Sheep man was bored one day and changed the bands name from S.A.F.? to it's current name.

The TPS Band

The official band for the TPS group. Consists of the first 4 members.

  • Lamb Leroy: Electric Guitar/Lead singer
  • Bubbles10 11: Drums
  • Hawley: Piano/Maracas

The G 721

See the band's page.

The One Penguin Band

See Abominable46 page

Los Mexican Penguins

Singer/Maracas: Snakesy1 Singer/Dancer: Ford Car

The IceBergs

Genre: Rock

Performances: The Battle of the Bands

Practice Spots: Oneoh10's Igloo, Lighthouse Beacon

Lead Singer/ Gong Player: Oneoh10

Back-up singer/Drums: Darwinn

Back-up Singer/Maracas: Windilli

Guitar: Dalejr889

Dancing: Open to anyone

The Gon'R's

Formed- November 15 2000

Genre: Cover Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock

Performances: Warped in Time, Classic Youth, Pengskeller

kobra200 - vocals





Former Members:



ur granny11

kid y









2000-NeverFly (Hits: Kick-Start My Coins, Welcome To The Forest, Boat On The Run, Smells Like Party Life)

2001-The Noodle Incident? (Hits: Sweet Chili Of Mine, Lithium, Pretty Fly (For A Pengui), Carp-Shaped Box)

2001-Pronounced Gon-ERS (Hits: Free Bird, Paradise Town, Mwa Mwa Rock, Today, Penguin With Butterfly Wings)

2001-IT'S UNTIPPABLE! (Hits: Need You Tonight, Books Are Burning, Dirty Deeds Done Down Under, August Rain)

2002-STOP. PLEASE. (Hits: Original Evil, King Of the Ski Hill, Curls on Film, Hungry like the Wolf, Knockin' On 'Hoppers Door)

2003-Greatest Gon'R's Greats (All of the Above Mentioned)

2006-WWIIII (Hits: Come As You Are, Song 3, All The Small Things, Paint It Black, Boys Are Back In Town, Dr. Feelgood, Livin' On A Prayer, Blaze of Glory, Shout to Evil, Enter Sandman, Alive, Even Flow)

2006-Live and Alive (Songs: Mwa Mwa Rock, Alive, Even Flow, Song 3, All The Small Things, Original Sin, Lithium)

2007-In Your Head (Hits: Purple Haze, Lust For Life, Rock 'n' Roll High School, I Wanna be Sedated, Sweet Home Yukon, Iron Man, Paranoid)

2007-E.N.D End For Me (Hits: One, Story Of My Life, Sunshine Of Your Love, Holiday In Cambodia, Rock You Like A Hurricane, La Grange, Black Magic Woman, About A Girl, Smoke On The Water, Times Like These)

2008-Live at Pengskeller(Songs: Purple Haze, La Grange, Rock 'N' Roll High School, Come As You Are, King of the Ski Hill, Paranoid)

2009-Peaceful Little Rebellion (Hits: Mountain Song, Crazy Train, Made For Lovin' You, The One I Love, Rebel Yell, Bad Medicine, Jump, Run For The Hills, Hot Temperature, 2 Minutes To Midnight)

2009-Before We Mummify: A Decade of The Gon'R's (Every Hit Song)

2010-The Return (Hits: Kiss The Dirt(Falling Down a Mountain), Turn up The Radio, My Happiness, 18 and Life, Black Hole Sun, Lust For Life, Riders on the Storm)

Like the Backstreet Penguins before them, The Gon'R's main mission was to bring back 80's rock, but unlike them, they also will deliver 70's and 90's. A group of boys started jamming and, before long, they were selected at the gig known as WARPED IN TIME and became an instant hit. They then released our albums, all staying near the top for 5 weeks straight. However, after releasing Greatest Gon'R's Greats, everyone; except for kobra200; had left the band and quit CP. A few months later, new members joined, and it helped kick-start the bands music. WWIIII surpassed even the mighty Backstreet Penguins Appetite for Rock 'n Roll on the charts. However, things got out of hand. The Gon'R's became hooked on sour candy and became one of the most destructive bands on Rolling Snow. A new album was in doubt, then In Your Head appeared, sparking the 60s-90s revolution. That didn't improve the bands condition, though, and kobra200 was certainly feeling it. On the verge of crying, he almost crawled into bed, but was stopped by jimmyboy1da. E.N.D End For Me was a shout-out of what was going on. And then, kobra was on his own again. jimmy is still in the band, and a new line up was formed. Unfortunately, there was frequent fights between most members, so they release 2 albums: P.L.R and a month later, A celebration album. A break-up was coming their way. And they broke up. ANOTHER lineup was formed.

Demon Rhythm

Flarethrower: Singer/Drummer ( IF anyone wants to join they just need to tell me your penguin name and favorite server, find out more on User : Ratchetrules' page )

The lone penguin

  • Genre:country
  • Logo: Red penguin walking alone to cove in sunset

User:Coool31 | Fisher]]: Singer/Acoustic Guitar/Violin favourite server: muckluck


Gutarists: Luckyblue, Romathone, and Ferret Pals Marracans: 6bob (spelled sixbob), Abigale12348, and Soogarcool Bellest: Sydee111

The Lucky Greens

Drums: Patrick3089

Elect. Guitar: Mrthomas3

Singer\Elect. Guitar: Souljaboy260

Elect. Bass: Snoblob2

Acoustic Guitar: Cheeseyjr

Keytar: Toyman621

Songs:Ain't Gonna Loose

The Iceberg

I Wish



The CP Beatles

Singer: User:Jupiter5 (Paul) Singer: Jupiter6 (John) Base guitar (and more): McKibbles (George) Drums: Auditioning still being held (Ringo)

===Purple ninjas=== Guitar:Patchy99 ninja master

Singer:Dan portis, my friend



Dancers:Dan Portis


Backup singers:Patchy99 ninja master


  • When ninjas fly(Live at music jam)

Dont wait up(Purple ninjas 1)

The smelly sandwich(Purple ninjas 1)


Of course, when you have a band, you need songs. Here are all the songs from bands.

  • The Pengu's:
    • Club Penguin
  • The Golden Puffles
    • Guilt
    • Back With You
  • Metal Remains
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit
    • Iron Man
    • Iron Maiden
    • Dark Is the Night
    • Breed
    • Venomscythe
    • Hangar 23
    • Blackdown
  • Club Penguin Wiki
  • The Pencil Chickens:
    • Weasel's greatest hits
    • Kablooie!!!!
    • Bob the Blue Nosed Rabbit
    • Eating Grass
    • Moose in a Nissan Micra
  • The G 721
    • Speechless Talk (Club Penguin Edition)
      • Has No words, Just instruments.
    • Area 51
  • Demon Rhythm
    • World Water ( Under construction )
  • the lone penguin
  • rail road
  • Campenguins Solo Boy
    • Bad Day
    • We are penguins and we have Rights!
    • All songs by The Beatles
  • The Penguins Who Rocked The Iceberg

Were not gonna take it(CP edition) Blackout(100% original)

The Big Playing Instruments

  • Guitars: Staffan15, Sprongebobrocks09
  • Dancers:
  • Trumpet: Sharkbate, Organo (not a CPW user)
  • Singer: NookClubPenguin
  • Electric Guitar: Metalmanager
  • Drums: Barkjon
  • Hand Gong: OOJH123

To join, go to the band page and write in the "The Big Playing Instruments" section. --21uɐɟɟɐʇsS15.PNGʞןɐʇ ʎɯ 22:06, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

The Backstreet Penguins Most Famous Songs

Hey everybody! Whether you are new to liking The Backstreet Penguins, or if you are a devoted fan from our start in 1999, you should still check out some of most classic and famous songs, as listed below:

Welcome to the Iceberg (Appetite For Rock N' Roll)

We Will Rock You (Radioactive Zone)

Thanks For The Memories (R.I.P. [Rock In Peace] DeathFlame47)

Sweet Pengu O' Mine (Appetite For Rock N' Roll)

Penguin City (Appetite For Rock N' Roll)

Penguins of Our Time (Ultra Beatdown)

Rock N' Roll Train (Black Ice)

Mr. Brownstone (Black Ice)

To Hell With The Devil (Loud N' Clear)

Loud N' Clear (Loud N' Clear)

Rocket Peng (Appetite For Rock N' Roll)

Out Ta Get Me (Appetite For Rock N' Roll)

Strike of The Ninja (Black Ice)

Pump It (Ultra Beatdown)

Whispers In The Dark (Santa's Beat) (No idea why we put it on our 2008 Christmas album. Still a great song, though. NOT SEASONAL).

You Give Love A Bad Name (Blind)

Think About You (Appetite For Rock N' Roll)

Patience (Use Your Illusion I)


  • Singer/Rythym Guitarist:POWERCORE1
  • Singer/LEAD GUITARIST: Burner595
  • Drummer:Bottle300

The Black Penguins

  • Band Leader/Lead Singer/Acoustic Guitar/Trumpet: Rockstar399
  • Acoustic Guitar/Backup singer: Atomic1337
  • Drums: Bush900 (Not a CPW user)

Practice is every day at 4:15 pm EST in Rockstar399's igloo on Toboggan.

The Rock Ninjas

  • Singer/Keytar:The A-Kong (A.K.A. Orangopingu)
  • Guitarist(electric):
  • Guitarist(Acoustic):
  • Drummer:Barkjon
  • DJ:

Songs I'm working on are as follows:

  • Stranded on Rockhopper island
  • Master of Stealth(Ninja song)
  • Walking on walls

The Purple Ninjas

Singer:Dan Portis


Drums:The Bull

Bass:open to anybody

The Gospel of CP

Singer: Ben 100022

Drums: Catzip888

Guitar: Ben 100022

The Cocktail Swings Maracas/Guitarist/Violin: Me, MJ No1 Fan(NookClubPenguin0 Maracas/Dancer: Persy165(not a CP Wiki user)

The Yarr rockers


Double 22- Drums and Accordian


Tippin' the Iceberg

110% Awesomeness

Puffle's tongue

Out of coins

1, 2, 3, 4!

What do you mean cold?


MJ No1 Fan and Persy 175: The 2 Classmates

Members: MJ No1 Fan(me): drums Persy 165: maracas

The Music Freaks

  • Band Leader:Jaktmann

    Her is The Music Freaks logo

  • Singer:Jaktmann
  • Drums:Zhadow/Dh10001(Not CPW User)
  • Guitar:De Base(Not CPW User)
  • Guitar/Bass:Jaktmann

Snow Day

Lead singer: Jedi Jon

Guitars:Jedi Jon and 12345Zingman

Snow Day created by Jedi Jon

Cosmic Impossible

Click here for info

Da Fosteri Cousins

Singing:The Mistake1/Jenny Grace Drums: Fish Madness

The Ice Mudkips

Singing: Mudkip11223

Leader and Guitarist: Iceanator189

Maracas: Mudkip112223

Penguin Legend

Leader and Drums: Pablodepablo Singing: Leafsky Guitar: Leafmist

The Yellows

Singing: Mario2903 Guitarists: Mario2903, Eddy1290 Bass: Luke55255 (The king penguins split up) Drums: none

The Beast Penguins


guitar: Tjo3269

Drums: I Like Fair


The CP Rocks

Drums: Colts901

Singer: Zando1243

Guitar: Zando1243

DJ: Blakestip145

The Tooth Rockers

Practice is on the I word at Bowling Rock on Tuesday's at 5:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM PDT at Gary Numbah2's igloo.

Guide To Having A Great Band

  • Step 1: Get The Band Together. The best combination for a band is a: Singer, Guitarist, Drummer (To Keep The Beat), and Violinist, Maraca Player, or Tuba Player(For Other Sounds). If you play at the Nightclub or your igloo a DJ may be helpful. Pianist could also be useful for decorational purposes.
  • Step 2: Invite them to your igloo or one of theirs. The best practice igloo would include a DJ Table, Drum Kit, and Two Microphones.
  • Step 3: Practice. Be sure to make a song that your band, especially the singer(s), can remember.
  • Step 4: Make a name for the band.
  • Step 5: Make a practice time that all your band can remember. Be sure to use Penguin Standard Time to avoid confusion between time-zones.
  • Step 6: Write down lyrics and cues for the songs you will play.

Blue Penguin

Club Penguin Wiki:Blue Penguin